Mining Companies Urged To Test Its Safety Equipment In Every Six Months

Mining Company
Mining Company
Illegal mining in Atiwa led to the pollution of many water bodies
Illegal mining in Atiwa led to the pollution of many water bodies

A Tensile testing Metallurgical laboratory electronic machine which was fete?s by the UNDP to the Inspectorate Division of Mines under the auspice of Minerals Commission to enable them to monitor the activities of the mining company safety of its workers on board of both surface and underground mining.?

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Weekly Observer in Accra, the Chief Inspector of Inspectorate Division of Mines of the Minerals Commission, Mr Michael Botchway said Commissioning the machine, ?Tensile Testing Equipment? which cost 30,000 pounds for which it would be used to test all equipment and materials used by the mining companies to ensure safety of the workers on board.

Mining Company

According to him, the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission has an idea of installed an electronic safety machine at its Western Regional office at Takoradi for all mining companies.

Mr Botchway said safety of mine workers was paramount for the Division, therefore all mining companies are mandated to use the machine warning that those who ignore its usage would be held liable for any industrial accident in their companies.

The electronic safety machine that has been installed at the mechanical laboratory replaces a manual and obsolete one.

He hinted that some of the workers in the mining firms have welcome the installation of the machine as it would go a long way to check industrial accidents.

The Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission exists to ensure compliance and enforecement of the Minerals and Mining statutes and standards of the country.

Mr.Botchway noted that through monitoring and inspections of all mining and related operations so as to safeguard the health and safety of the workforce and the general public against the adverse impacts of the operations and also to ensure the judicious exploitation of the country’s mineral resources.

He stressed that all mining companies will shall report to Tensile Laboratory in Takoradi every six months for testing of their equipment.

He explained further that the categories are the clay testing, Non destructive test, Detection of both the length and the breath and reduces loads if possible.


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