Today, I speak to the presidency, and I hope that my voice is heard.

For the children of Ghana, our future, who look up to you as a role model, it all starts from now, and so, be a worthy example! Let our children learn from the examples you set. Some leaders have failed us all, and so cannot be celebrated. For these people, their leadership has been a platform to exhibit their indiscipline; something our children should not learn. Our future leaders are watching keenly, and so, in your language, mannerism, conduct, morals and from the testimonies of all that you do, Mr. President, make each moment count!

Millions of people went out to express their wishes, and have been heard loud and clear. You emerged as a winner, and so, this is your time! You have no other mandate other than the mandate of the masses; the good people of Ghana! You owe us a debt now; a debt to make good all your promises of a better Ghana! A better Ghana is all we ask for, and nothing more! We have earned that right, and so, it is your duty to uphold! The votes of the masses, is an expression of their hopes and dreams; the hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow! Their votes to you, is a vote of confidence; one that indicates their endorsement of or agreement with your messages! Ghanaians have fulfilled their part of the bargain, and so the onus rests with you. Mr. President, make each moment count!

Across the nation, the expectations are high! All hopes have soared high! This is a new year, and a new era! All have dreams! The dream of new jobs, better roads, better utility services, good health, improvement in education, accommodation, transportation, and overall improvement in the living conditions of the average Ghanaian! Such are the days Ghanaians look forward to! These are our prayers! These are the dreams of several individuals! Several sleepless nights! Several hidden tears! Several prayers, yet to be answered! Indeed, you have now become a vessel, and so, make our dreams come true! Mr. President, make each moment count!

Ghana is at a battle! The nation needs to attain her full glory! Our country has always spear-headed several revolutions! Ghana has always been the first, yet in the end, has little to show! We have always been the first, but have ended up last! Several laws have been created, but enforcement has always been the problem! Several policies created, but non-functional! Our failure has been due to indiscipline and irresponsibility! We need a disciplined generation, for a better Ghana! We need to take things seriously! All these, should start from the top! Our laws need to be fully and impartially enforced, and so, Mr. President, make each moment count!

Corruption is at its peak in our nation! Our beautiful name and image is being tarnished! Ghana is now known for her involvement in illegal activities; an asylum for criminals! Illegal drug trafficking, illegal mining, illegal trading, human trafficking, smuggling or ammunitions, to mention but a few! Ghana must rise above this! Our laws need to take its full fledge! Perpetrators need to be brought to justice! Our nation must not be allowed to go to waste due to some selfish individuals! Mr. President, make each moment count!

The government needs to sit up! Your colleagues must be up and doing! The time is now or never! All must be involved to make Ghana better! Our institutions, both private and public need a reform! Most government institutions are not functioning effectively! The public sector needs a revival! Our private institutions are equally taking Ghanaians for granted! There are the problems of tax evasion, bribery and corruption, favouritism and nepotism, absenteeism, forgery, impersonation, poor salaries, lack of logistics, to mention but a few. When it comes to the issue of supervision, it is an eyesore! We need to make and enforce changes! Mr. President, make each moment count!

Four years is all you have! Governments come, and governments go! They have all indeed, made their marks, and in the end, earned various appellations! That is the mark they have left, and such would our records show! That is their history! You are creating your own! Assess yourself daily, to see how far you have gone, and how good you have made on your promises! Your legacy should indeed be inspiring to generations to come! Others have made their marks; through their successes or failures! This is your time; a time to make a difference! Just as you promised on the campaign platform, Ghanaians await, in judgment! So, Mr. President, make each moment count!

Anna Esi Hanson (, Takoradi.

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