We Need Traffic Lights-Madina MTTU Boss


Dsp Charles Ahiamale The Madina Police Mttd Commander Has Made A Passionate Appeal To The Madina Municipal Assembly To Erect Traffic Lights At Madina Zongo Junction To Help Ease Road Conjunction On The Road to be able to check Crime and Road Traffic offenders to the Minimum rate in the municipality.


The mttd boss was speaking to the moment news paper at madina zongo junction last Friday. He said madina is a developing area especially with our latest status as a municipality and that have actually exposed a massive increment in both vehicular and human movement in the municipality.


He said currently the motor traffic and transport Department has been greeted with so Many abnormalities such as Lack of logistics to work like Reflectors to Be Used by police personnel?s on the road directing traffic, alchometer and speed gun.


We are at the receiving end since?the day now sees massive increment in people in the municipality. Most of our Time is spend on the Road because we don’t have Traffic light on our Road. Despite all this abnormalities we are still putting in our best effort to clamp down road accident and if possible be the safest municipality where we can record a traffic free city in the country.

Mr. Ahimale said drivers must adhere to the core regulation of driving in Ghana, he cautioned drivers to be careful on the Road to avoid Road craft and?crossing on the road is disturbing as well.

There??have been a massive demand of Traffic lights in?Madina??being a growing city as such there is?A growing increase in both human and?Vehicular traffic this means the unit needs only committed personnel and not quantity to do the job.

?We are always being compelled to Change our uniforms due to unfavorable weather Condition. Mr. Ahiamale said We have been told by the Madina municipal assembly that they are erecting traffic lights at Madina zongo junction but up to now, but that has been another lip service from the assembly.”

He edge the Madina municipal chief executive hon. Anku to as a matter of urgency respond to the situation as pleads of the Madina mttd to come to their aid has also fell on deaf hears as virtually nothing has been done about it.

Mr. Ahiamale has called on all road users in the country to a matter of urgency try as much a possible to avoid over speeding and control their hearts and tempers on the road. Sounding a little Biblical he said they are putting together a talk show programme that they will be moving to schools and offices within their catchment area to educate citizens on the road.

Most of the areas we visited during this investigation include, Madina zongo junction, social welfare, Ritz junction, and taxi rank and Rawlings circle.

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