New Flag Officer Commanding Meets Volta, Oti GJA

Commodore Solomon Asiedu Larbi And Emmanuel Agbaxode
Commodore Solomon Asiedu Larbi And Emmanuel Agbaxode

The newly appointed Flag Officer Commanding, Commodore Solomon Asiedu-Larbi, along with a delegation from the Naval Training Command, paid a respectful visit to the executives and members of the Volta and Oti Regional Chapter of the Ghana Journalist Association at the Press Centre, located within the Regional Secretariat in Ho on June 11.

This visit marked Commodore Asiedu-Larbi’s inaugural trip to the region following his assumption of office.

Commodore Asiedu-Larbi articulated that his purpose in visiting was to establish connections and foster rapport with key figures such as opinion leaders, decision-makers, members of the media, and political leaders.

He commended the media for their invaluable contribution to promoting the endeavors of the Naval Training Command and encouraged them to continue their efforts. Recognizing the significant role played by the media, he emphasized the importance of including them in the familiarization process across various units.

Furthermore, he expressed the desire to cultivate a harmonious working relationship with the media. He also urged them to seek amicable resolutions to any potential disagreements between the military and media practitioners in the region.

Mr. Emmanuel Agbaxode, the Volta and Oti Regional President of the Ghana Journalist Association, led the reception of the Flag Officer Commanding and his entourage at the press center.

Foc Some Commanders And The Gja President And His Vice
Foc Some Commanders And The Gja President And His Vice

Mr. Agbaxode highlighted the visit as a testament to the enduring friendship between the GJA and the Military in the Volta and Oti regions. He recounted the longstanding relationship with the 66 Artillery Regiment, where former Commanding Officers, Col. B.B. Pantoah and Lt. Col. Sarpong Appiah, served as honorary members, collaborating on mutually beneficial initiatives. This partnership subsequently extended to the Naval Training Command at Nutekpor under the leadership of former FOC, Commodore Bessing.

Mr. Agbaxode lauded Commodore Asiedu-Larbi as the first Flag Officer Commanding to grace the Secretariat with his presence and pledged unwavering support throughout his tenure.

Expressing gratitude to the 66 Artillery Regiment for their generous contribution of 500 blocks towards the completion of the Secretariat, he appealed to Commodore Asiedu-Larbi for further assistance and support, including the revival of the GJA Regional Awards, which have been dormant for some time.
He assured the FOC of the media’s readiness to promote and support his endeavors within the region and the Naval Training Command.

Accompanying the new Flag Officer Commanding were the Commanders of the Naval Command and the Naval Training Command, as well as the Commanding Officers of the 66 Artillery Regiment and 7 Garrison Regiment.

This collective representation underscored the collaborative spirit and commitment to fostering positive relationships between the military and media within the region.

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