The National?Petroleum Authority (EPA) has cautioned Tema Oil Refinery over usage of high sulphur chemicals in?both petrol and diesel for vehicle consumption. According to the EPA these chemicals pollute the air.

Yaro Kasambata
Yaro Kasambata

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Weekly Observer Newspaper in Accra, the Public Relations Officer,?Mr. Yaro Kasambata reiterated that the?breath air campaign was tasked by the UN environmental global?awareness which is aimed ?at creating ?awareness in member states.

He hinted that in Ghana the government?has ordered the NPA to caution refinery companies over usage of high sulphur?chemical and must be in the measuring level of 10maileum content for both diesel and petrol vehicles.

Mr. Yaro said especially the diesel fumes causes more damaging to health than petrol engines.According to him,diesel exhaust fumes can contributed to Asthma, lung diseases and heart attacks.

The?NPA research which shows that related?air pollution contributes to lung diseases and heart attacks?among other respiratory problems.

He said the government accepts that air pollution from sources contribute to about 30,000 deaths yearly in Ghana.

The diesel estimated?related heart problem to the NHS are more than 10 times?as much as comparable problems caused by petrol fumes.

Mr. Kasembata explained further that in last year the UN’s?world health organization(WHO)declared that diesel exhaust caused cancer and was comparable in its effects to cigarette smoking.

Due to this,a close monitoring of the situation in Ghana shows clearly that these dilapidated vehicles pollute?breath air with fumes posing health puzzles for citizen.

He advised vehicle holder to aways service their vehicle regularly to avoid polluting the breath air.

Meanwhile in another development he also hinted that is likely that the recent fuel price decreases are likely to go up next month November 2013.


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