A group calling itself, Brigade Of Young Social Democrats (BOYSD) have accused OCCUPYGHANA of hypocrisy.


According to the group, after OCCUPYGHANA made noise and impressed upon NPA and government to reduce fuel price, OCCUPYGHANA now sit silence as transport owners have refused to reduce their fares to reflect the 10% reduction in fuel prices by government.


“In their public engagements and statements, OCCUPYGHANA created the impression that they were acting and speaking on behalf of ordinary Ghanaians. Ordinary Ghanaians as we know are members of the public who on a daily basis rely on private transports for their movements. Ordinary Ghanaians are members of the public whose daily bread depends on the actions and inactions of these private transport owners. They rely on trotos and taxis for movement,” it said.


It noted that ordinary Ghanaians are ?disappointed that OCCUPY GHANA has deliberately failed to put the same pressure which they unleashed on the NPA and government, on private transport owners to reduce transport fares. This is insensitive and further betrays the little trust of ordinary Ghanaians in OCCUPY GHANA.


“Indeed this and many actions of OCCUPY GHANA confirm the skepticism people have about their intentions and further expose the agenda of members of this group. The agenda, as we have always maintained, is political and does not in any way include fighting for ordinary Ghanaians. It is obvious that a reduction in transport fares will not inure to the benefit of their political pay masters, hence their loud silence. It is also true that members of OCCUPY GHANA are the ones enjoying the 10% reduction in fuel prices.”


The group however ?label OCCUPY GHANA as a baby of the opposition NPP and that they only speak and act only to please their leaders and to enhance their quest for power.


Source: spyGhana.com


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