Daddy Freeze and Adeboye
Daddy Freeze and Adeboye

There is a small chance that the attacks by Daddy Freeze against Redeem Church and their lead Pastor, Adeboye, were politically permitted.


There is a small group of powerful politicians in Nigeria, whom at the height of Daddy Freeze’s tithes fame, could have told him to cut if off, or cautioned him to stick strictly with attacks on doctrine, not conflating the role of the government with the role of the Church.

But those politicians did not, albeit they could have done so without being suppressive.

For whatever reason, a Pastor in RCCG Church, Osinbajo, was chosen as running mate to then candidate Buhari, when victory was aloof.

They won, and what was a move to give it a whirl – became national power.

Thereon, the Church came to be a political reference, and – through that senior administration official, the Church could be in opposition, or in agreement with whatever was going on.

Because of the way Nigeria is run, it is possible some powerful people, at times, did not get their way with the VP for certain expectations, and were disappointed.

And how would they get at the VP, or the Church except to permit total criticisms that if they were actually supportive, could have acted in some ways.

So what played out was a Church that had been growing and doing great all along getting caught up in heavy criticism, lifting off from tithes.

Assuming a radio presenter somewhere attacks the government [federal, state, or local] with the fervidness of Daddy Freeze against Redeem, it is likely there’ll be pressure to fire that presenter; some governments may go the extra mile to find a reason to suspend the broadcasting license.

There are columnists against government; they seem focused on policy, not personal attacks.

Going after, just about anything RCCG, their Pastor, and the members, is beyond ethical.

Unfortunately for Daddy Freeze and his supporters [salient & latent], blaming the Church for the responsibilities of the government quickly doused foolishness with the cause, and the attention he got – waned. Several news media now ignore him and his social media posts. In his own game of attention, he faded away.

In the battlefield of knowledge, parties can strictly debate policy, strictly debate the law, strictly debate science, strictly debate economics, etc. Personal matters and out of topic points are off-limits; only those who know they would lose – always – veer into personal matters or other areas to hurt the other party, and most times – they end up losing.

Daddy Freeze, the tithes famous cheapjack has now become a problem for everybody, not just Churches and Pastors, but to governments, Islam and Muslims, his radio station, conferences he attends, and anything he uses as an example.

When he says Churches, some people now say Mosques. When he says poverty, some people answer –government corruption. When he says too many Churches, some people say the colossal northern poverty – at least – has nothing to do with Churches; the North should have shown the South an example of development without lots of Churches. When he says pay tithes to the poor, some people ask, who should banks pay the cozenage charges and deductions to? When he attends a conference to discuss social media, the event quickly goes off the rails to tithes – he’s gets booed – and becomes a waste of space.

If there was sweetness about him it has become so sour.

Elections are close, Daddy Freeze is near irrelevant, but most of what he had sown would shift to governments and whatever is ahead for the nation. People know the government has done nothing, and blaming the Church is a drunken moment everyone is having, but would be back at the obvious after the hangover.

Those people everyone recently loved to criticize and hate will emerge from this and those who could have cautioned Daddy Freeze early on would wish they did. Just maybe, who knows?


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