Participants Of “Take The Reins” Groomed On Dining Etiquette

Allure Africa

Mrs Dzigbordi K. Dosoo, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Allure Africa Group, an award winning premier Spa & Lifestyle Business, has hosted the much publicised dining event: “Take the reins, ” in Accra.

Allure AfricaThe occasion advertised mainly on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which took place at the World Trade Centre, attracted people from corporate Ghana as well as young individuals finding their feet in the entrepreneurial world.

The main aim of the event was to prepare people for opportunities and positions by grooming them to overcome their deficiencies in dining etiquette.

Mrs Dosoo noted that a good number of business deals were struck over meals and it was only wise that people prepared to win at every dining event.

She said she decided to host the event drawing inspiration from a bitter past experience of losing a scholarship opportunity in the US because she dressed poorly to a dining event, where she and four others representing Ghana were to be honored.

She found out to her dismay that a number of years later that it was at that dining event that the final selection was going to be done. She missed that opportunity because she was technically fit but did not have the image to go with it.

The event began with a cocktail, which doubled as the networking session and continued with entry into the main dining hall where participants received practical dining etiquette and image grooming tips.

Mrs Dosoo gave insight on appropriate clothes for various settings and mentioned that apart from wearing clothes based on the industry one works in, it also very important to take into consideration one’s body type and shape.

For about an hour and half, Mrs Dosoo spent time enlightening participants right from what to do when one is invited to a dining event, what one is to do prior to, during and after any dining event.

The participants learnt how to enter and exit the dining area, what to do when seated, the kind of conversations that were appropriate and inappropriate at table, the use of each cutlery at table and how to place and use the napkin.

She also took participants through the two ways of eating with cutlery; the American and European or Continental way.

By the end of the event, participants gained insight on how to eat soup and other meals considered difficult as well as how to dress appropriately for any dining event.

Participants by the time of closure; although tired, seemed fulfilled.

The start of the event saw Mr Albert Arthur winning throw pillows from mSimps Gh, a sponsor of the event for being the participant who networked best.

Mrs Dosoo is a Wellness Grooming, Image and Lifestyle Expert who is widely regarded as a thought leader in the Spa Industry in Africa, and is a strong advocate for the industry particularly promoting Education and Standards.

As an Entrepreneur, she is passionate about raising the standards in the Wellness and Beauty Industry in Africa to reach the Global Standard of Excellence.

She was named the prestigious “CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year” 2009. She is currently the Chair Lady of the Spa Association of Africa, the First African to Co-Host the invitation only Global Spa Summit and had been featured in Top International and Spa Industry Press such as Spa Business Magazine, The Spa Hand Book Women’s Wear Daily, Pulse Magazine from the International Spa Association and Business in Africa among others.

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