Patronage of local manufacturers in Nigeria


SIR, greetings on another Tuesday ,a day we all know that brings a weekly report card to you free from all charges and from the heart with a passion for your political survival.
Today Sir, I want to complain and it is about patronage of local manufacturers ,I wrote a piece on DECEMBER 1, and here is an excerpt
unnamed?Onye isi, not attending that unveiling function of INNOSON sent a blur message and it is not encouraging to say the least ,but that is by the way ,your Deputy who held brief for you promised that the state will continue supporting INNOSON and patronizing him ,but Sir ,Currently we know that instead to patronize INNOSON ,you bought over 50 CARS from TATA MOTORS INDIA ,and we know that INDIA products are sub standard to compare with our own INNOSON ,who is available to service the Cars he made, contrast that with TATA bought from INDIA ,shipped to Nigeria ,cleared in LAGOS and enrich LAGOS STATE ,hired YOROBA drivers to bring it back to AMAOBIA .If you add all this Logistics to the actual cost of the TATA Car ,you will see that it is economic waste.
Under your predecessor INNOSON enjoyed a great patronage ,all the Schools in the state are testimony of how good those Buses are ,they are durable and humming like HUMMER BUSES.The Hilux truck was good enough for the federal government to bought them and send them to our Soldiers who used them in Somalia or so .Enugu state is using the Luxurious buses for Commercial services in the state ,but our own state is buying TATA from India ??end of quote

Sir yesterday the 6th of February you commissioned 40 TATA BUSES once again for within the state transportation ,a very good idea but faulty in so many ways ,I will tell us what is wrong with it Sir.
The Buses you bought from TATA India will enrich the economy of Indians ,put food on their individual and government table and INDIANS has no investment nor idea where Anambra state is located in any giving Map ,but contrast it with INNOSSON motors who we all know manufacture same BUSES and his quality is Far higher than that of TATA ,not only INNOSSON is more Durable ,it will cut cost ,such as ?SHIPMENT from INDIA ,we all know that the VESSEL THAT BROUGHT BACK THOSE BUSES will charge each one the price of 40 Footer container ,then we multiply it by 40 pcs ,pay Government duties for them ,pay the clearing Agent that will clear them and pay the drivers that will drive them from Lagos to OKA .Sir ,had we bought those Buses from Innosson ,I can guarantee that we would,ve cut off all those silly cost and the best advantage of buying it from Innosson is that ,we get maintenance free ,but if this TATA ever start problems ,either we give out another contract to who will go to INDIA and buy the parts or we will start seening the Buses litter along the roads and causing havoc to traffic.

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