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Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari, the Upper East Regional Minister has stated that the socio-economic development and progress of the country largely depends on the attitudes exhibited by public workers in their line of duty.

He said, for the government to attain its mission of building the country beyond aid and achieving economic self-reliance, people in public offices, especially the workers unions needed to make paradigm shift from the idea that government work belonged to everyone and so there was no need for the citizenry to show patriotism towards building it.

“Let us work closely at tackling the challenges on the labour front ranging from productivity to discipline and integrity. We have to change the wrong mind-set that government’s business is for no one and begin to work like it were our own.” The Regional Minister stated.

The Regional Minister was speaking at this year’s Regional celebration of May Day organised in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region.

The celebration was on the theme “The Sustainable Development Goals and Decent Work: The Role of Social Partners.”

The occasion, which is marked worldwide each year to celebrate the contributions of public sector workers to the development of the country, brought together all the public workers of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) across the region.

Mr Bukari reiterated government’s commitment to finding solutions to the numerous challenges that confronted the country through the various policies being implemented, and called for strong synergy between government and the workers to enable them realise their policy goals.

He said “Government acknowledged that its ambition to transition the country beyond aid would only be realised if all the productivity energies of its people are mobilised and that is why we are embarking on the formalisation of the economy through the National Identification, Digitisation, street and Property Addressing System.”

According to the Regional Minister “It is when we are able to bring on board the contributions of all Ghanaians that this vision will be realised and so, while government works at improving the environment, it is also expected that workers will play their part by supporting policy implementation.”

Dr Yaw Baah, the Secretary General of the Trades Union Congress in a speech read on his behalf admonished all workers to change from negative practices towards work and demonstrate the ability and desire to maximise the resources to achieve sustainable development.

“Sisters and brothers, we need to change our lackadaisical attitude towards work. I as well appeal to the President to end IMF programmes and lead us to take control of our natural resources, because we owe it a duty to demonstrate that we can indeed manage these resources efficiently and effectively.

“Our success or failure will depend on how disciplined we are, as Ghanaian workers and we cannot build a prosperous country with laziness, lateness and indiscipline.” The Secretary General underscored.

Mr Peter Ayamga Ayinbisa, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bongo disclosed that the district was endowed with abundant natural resources and tourist attractions that were essential in the development of the area and called on investors to partner the Bong District Assembly to put these resources into good use to develop the district.

The DCE indicated, “the district is blessed with tourist attractions including; flora and fauna, the Vea Recreational Centre, the Aposerga and Azudoo Rocky Mountain, the Apasepanga foot print, clay deposits and Zorko dimension rocks and many others. The doors of the Bongo District are open to perspective investors who would like to tap these natural resources for mutual benefit.”

The TUC used the occasion to reward some workers for their dedication to service.


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