Rama Brew’s Kind Words About Late George Williams


Renowned actress, Rama Brew has shared fond memories of the late George Williams describing him as a wonderful, kind and generous person.

Here is an except of the kind words she said about the veteran actor:

“I am in total shock, I am lost for words, I just can’t believe it. I have not spoken to him for quite some time, I have been trying to get hold of him but there seemed to be some problem with his phone or his number… Uncle George was a wonderful human being, he was kind, generous and fun and acting with him on Ultimate Paradise, we seemed to have a very good chemistry. That is why a lot of people actually believed that we were husband and wife. … He was a wonderful person, full of advice, he loved life, and he never held any grudges against anybody. He was a nice person,” Ms Brew said.

These kind words of Rama Brew come at no surprise as some Ghanaians wondered whether the two were truly a couple following their roles in the popular television series “Ultimate Paradise”. George Williams died aged 87 leaving behind a wife and 5 children.



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