Stowaway Found Dead In Plane?s Wheel



A Georgian man, who stowed away on an iFly Airbus A330-300 in the jet?s wheel well, had apparently been dead for four days before anyone noticed him.

Apparently, the iFLY jet had been on seven flights with the stowaway before maintenance workers finally noticed blood stains on the main landing gear struts.

The jet had just completed a flight from Rimini, Italy, to Moscow, Russia when the grisly remains of Georgian Giorgio Abduladze, were discovered by maintenance workers at Moscow?s Vnukovo Airport.

Apparently, after noticing the blood stains the maintenance crew examined the wheel well and found the remains of Abduladze, who was carrying a Georgia passport.

An autopsy conducted last week revealed that Abduladze had been dead four days prior to his discovery, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, and he had frozen to death.

Abduladze, 22, may have been in the wheel well for up to seven flights, according to Russian aviation authorities, until his frozen remainsnwere discovered.

In a report, after preliminary investigations had been made, authorities said that Abduladze had been apparently ?flying without a ticket.?

?According to a preliminary conclusion, the Afro-American man died from freezing. The man was apparently flying without a ticket,? the Investigative Committee said on its website.

Investigators are still trying to pinpoint where Abduladze got onto the aircraft.

Although some find it hard to believe that a dead man could go unnoticed in the landing gear of a jet for four days, internet forums have drawn the interest of industry experts into a fierce debate.

Harrie Spotter, said on KeyPublishing?s forum that because the landing gear doors are closed when the plane is on the ground, the dead man would have been almost impossible to spot. He continued, without the evidence of blood on the ground or around the struts, you would not be able to notice it.

However, another forum writer, Enjoy the sky, wrote that he had spent 25 years in the aviation industry and he found it difficult to believe that no-one had opened the landing gear doors during seven flights.

Another curious question that is being raised is why would a man holding a Georgian passport, when the plane does not fly to Georgia, be on that particular plane? Also the ex-Soviet country has a low number of black citizens and Abduladze was black.

Apparently iFly operates out of Moscow?s Vnukovo airport and as well as flights within Russia it also goes to Thailand, Turkey and Egypt.


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