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Ethiopian government warns nationals in South Africa to take necessary precautions

Ethiopians living in South Africa on Monday urged to take the necessary precautions following incidents of violence and looting on businesses owned by foreigners. ...

Ethiopian government urges concerted efforts to tackle looming locust-induced damage on crops

The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture on Friday called for concerted measures to tackle potential food security impacts of the breeding of desert locusts in...

Ethiopian government encourages more Chinese investment

The Ethiopian government on Monday encouraged more Chinese investments and vowed to provide all the necessary support to potential Chinese companies to effectively operate...
Students at Coventry University

Ethiopian government to support students affected in recent violence

The Ethiopia Ministry of Education on Tuesday revealed a plan to support more than 1.36 million Ethiopian students who were affected by recent disputes...

Ethiopian government says initiative creates over 119,000 jobs in three months

thiopia has created 119,930 job opportunities in the first quarter of the current Ethiopian 2017-2018 fiscal year, a government employment agency has said. Federal Urban...
The highlands of Ethiopia could be more vulnerable to malaria if temperatures rise

Ethiopian government working to resolve boundary dispute between 2 regional states

The Ethiopian government is working to resolve the boundary dispute between Oromia and Somali regional states, said a senior government official on Wednesday. Negeri Lencho,...