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FILED - Satellite image from July 21, 2004 of the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran. Iran's nuclear authorities have reported an overnight "incident" at the country's Natanz nuclear site. Photo: DigitalGlobe/dpa

‘Terrorist act’ laid Natanz nuclear facility low – Iran

(dpa) - A disruption at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran was a "terrorist act," charged the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) on...

U.S. “harassment” against Iranian passenger plane “terrorist act” – Ambassador

The Syrian ambassador to Tehran said Saturday that the "harassment" against the Iranian passenger plane in the Syrian sky by the United States was...
Norway flag

Norway jails two men over terrorist act

Two men in Norway have been charged with terrorist activities, including an engineering in Aker Solutions ASA, one of the country's leading oil services...