Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Information Officer, Boniface Wambura

The world soccer governing body, FIFA player’s agent examination for interested local candidates will be held on March 29 at the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) offices in Dar es Salaam.

TFF Information Officer, Boniface Wambura said on Friday that the exams will be conducted at Karume Stadium starting 10.00 am in the morning. Materials for the examination will include both international and local. The examination will be comprised of 20 questions, 15 international and five local with each question valuing one mark.

“The exams will comprise 20 questions, among them 15 from FIFA on international football rules and regulations, while five others will test candidates know how on rules governing the local soccer body,” said Wambura. Moreover, he said, candidates interested to sit for the exam which will be in English are supposed to register at TFF and pay a 50 US dollar (about 75,000/-) examination fee.

Wambura said after the registration, candidates will be highlighted with examination logistics as well as areas of concentration.
It will be a 90-minute examination. TFF conducted such examination in September last year whereby eight candidates applied but only six managed to sit.

Wambura said so far, Tanzania has seven player’s agents recognized by FIFA. They are Ally Mleh from Manyara Sports Management, Damas Ndumbaro, John Ndumbaro, Mehdi Remtulla, Saleh Ally, Yusuf Bakhresa and Said Tully.

Interested candidates should familiarise themselves with the various areas including FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players, edition 2009, including the annexes (1 to 5), rules for the status and transfer of futsal players, Annex 6 of the FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players, FIFA players’ agents regulations, edition 2008, including the annexes 1, 2 and 3.

By NELLY MTEMA, Tanzania Daily News

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