Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Sunday vowed to step up the anti-corruption fight, saying there were still looters in his government.

“Corrupt officials who are still in my administration will ‘vomit’ stolen public funds,” Magufuli said shortly before he had commissioned the assembling of a new ship and the maintenance of two vessels plying in Lake Victoria.

In an address televised live by state-run Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, the president said the assembling of the passenger and cargo vessel, and the maintenance of MV Victoria and MV Bukoba had been delayed after funds earmarked for the task were misappropriated by corrupt officials.

“I will continue to deal with corrupt officials head-on so that money recovered from them will be spent on funding flagship projects,” said Magufuli.

He said the assembling of the new passenger and cargo ship was planned for the past 20 years following the capsizing of MV Bukoba in Lake Victoria which killed over 800 passengers but funds budgeted for the assembling of the ship were pocketed by a few individual corrupt officials.

“I will make sure they vomit that money,” pledged the head of state, adding that the government has allocated a total of 153 billion Tanzanian shillings (about 66,478,462 U.S. dollars) for assembling the new ship and repairing the other two.

Since he took office in November 2015, President Magufuli has sacked scores of senior public officials and chief executive officers of public institutions as part of a campaign to root out corruption and inefficiency in the east African nation.

Upon taking office, Magufuli introduced a series of austerity measures and dismissed several officials as a sign of his determination to fight corruption. Enditem



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