The mass movement of “Occupy” won’t bring about people’s power unless it is guided by the Third Universal Theory and it studies The Green Book.

“Occupy” seems to be one of the most popular words nowadays, a word that represents a movement which, in the hopes of many, will usher in a global change, a new form of governance in which power will belong to the people and an era of justice in which many criminals among corporations, governments, news media, military, international organizations and others will be held accountable and brought to justice for their crimes.

However, as very aptly pointed out earlier by a Mathaba author, the banking system and form of governance as we know it does not need to be “occupied” in order to get it changed — it needs to be gone. It is a criminal activity based on fraud, extortion and, through its effect, on worldwide mass murder. Its replacement needs to be decided by the population — not by the very people who created it in the first place and are covertly manipulating a new global structure of financial control based on a world central bank.

Any protest, any change or revolution not founded on the list below — at the very least, the list below — has no chance of changing anything. The very pillars of the system must fall or they will block any transformation of the human condition. The system does not need to be tinkered with or even fundamentally changed (on the surface). All of it doesn’t have to be “occupied” but simply has to go, starting with the following:

An end to creating money out of thin air on computer screens and charging interest on it (fractional reserve lending).An end to governments borrowing fresh-air money called ‘credit’ from private banks and the people having to pay interest on this ‘money’ that has never, does not and will never exist. Governments (and that concept must change radically) can create their own currency — interest free.An end to private banks issuing non-existent money called ‘credit’ and, thus, creating ‘money’ as a debt from the very start.An end to casinos like Wall Street and the City of London betting mercilessly on the financial and commodity markets with the lives of billions around the world.An end to all professional lobby groups that earn their living and their clients’ living from corrupting the professionally corruptible — vast numbers of world politicians and the overwhelming majority on Capitol Hill.An end to no-contract government in which mendacious politicians can promise the people they will do this and that to win their support and then do the very opposite after they have lied themselves into office (see President Obama).An end to the centralisation of power in all areas of our lives and a start to divesting power to communities to decide their own lives and, thus, ensure there are too many points of decision- making for any cabal to centrally control.

This, however, does not mean that we have to sit in silence and wait for all the above to go, nor does it mean that we have no choice but to participate in it. Instead, we can increasingly free ourselves from the old system, while building the new alongside. We can do so through sharing visions of what could and should be, through creating that new form of participatory democracy ourselves, and through collectively finding ways to avoid reliance on money. By working together, also on the self-provision of housing, food, health, water and other necessities of life, we will become more and more independent from the old system.

What, instead, need to be occupied are our hearts and our minds. Our hearts and minds need to be occupied with the truth. We can gather with as many people as possible, we can protest as much and as loud and as long as we want and we can choose to camp in tents forever as a sign of reclamation – as long as there is no revolution on a personal level, all gathering, all protesting and all camping in tents will be in vain and will vanish with time.

What is required is a new sense of awareness, resulting in a New Thinking. That thinking has to accept that what we have been brought up under capitalism to accept as “de facto”, requires casting aside false concepts, for example, that houses have to be rented or bought, and accept and understand that housing is a basic human right for all. That New Thinking has to accept direct democracy is a basic human right for all, and that we have to learn from human history and from those ideas that were brutally attacked in an attempt to destroy them by all-out war in order to try to conceal their practical benefits forever.

Armed with the experience of such ideas, we will become able to reach what, after all, is exactly what we are looking for: a new, free, happy society where, we the people ourselves, are in control of our rights and needs, and where we can shape our destiny. The study of that very theory that shows us how to do that, enables us to make a much greater worldwide impact by thinking globally and acting locally.

Antiwar demonstrators have chanted the phrase “The whole world is watching” for decades now, and since the New York Police Department has barricaded and arrested citizens in one of the largest mass arrests of non-violent demonstrators in the history of the United States on October 1, 2011, the same slogan is used by the Occupy Movement protestors. True revolutions themselves, however, are not televised. They start in people’s hearts as soon as people start to be moved with compassion for each other and for the world they live in. They start in the people’s mind as soon as they become aware of the existence of fraud, mendacity, corruption and other criminal behaviour by so-called world leaders, bankers, warmongers, Zionists and other members of the “1%” — as well as of their own unjust, unhealthy or destructive behaviours.

Televised revolutions are, in best cases, the results of this personal revolution. A great example of the result of a personal revolution is the Libyan Al Fateh Revolution of 1969 during which Muammar Qaddafi, after having studied and being enlightened by both history and nature, together with the Free Unitary Officer movement, swept aside the monarchy of King Idris in a bloodless coup and freed Libya from foreign occupation. Televised revolutions are, in worst cases, no more than the results of people’s overall dissatisfaction with life or their will to rebel against authority in general.

Therefore, instead of blindly following or participating in the Occupy Movement (which movement also is misinformed on more than one subject, for example, about what forces are behind the so-called Arab Spring), we have to carry out small individual revolutions daily as described above, as a precondition to joining any public movement. The mass movement of Occupy, as much as it calls for Power to the People, won’t bring about people’s power unless it is guided by the Third Universal Theory and studies The Green Book.

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