Boko Haram
Boko Haram

Why can Jonathan not look at the style of governance in the USA and Australia? We are different peoples in Nigeria put together as ONE by the Colonialist Imperialists. They have gone for over 50 years and we are still employing the USELESS Divide & Rule system legislated by the white folks whose interest it is to see us divided while they get their friendly Cabals to plunder the country’s wealth!

Sir/Madam, I want you to be sincere and correct me if I am wrong.


But the West encourages all these African leaders to plunder the wealth of their countries and bring them to the West, where they are accepted with open arms! About 15 years or so ago, I wrote to many world leaders about this situation. Some replied and some never did. John Major wrote back and said it was the role of the banks whether they took the money or not. But many years later, they all Passed Laws about wealth obtained through ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES (CRIME). This excluded money spirited away from Africa by CORRUPT POLITICIANS and Civil Servants!

The West is trying to school us on Democracy and good governance while at the same time encouring and condoning CORRUPT LEADERS to have Bank Accounts in their countries for the development of their countries and NOT their own countries in Africa! Unfortunately, our politicians are educated ILLITERATES and listen to what foreigners tell them! They listen because the West knows how the Blacks have been brainwashed with Religion. All they have to do is mention Jesus and God and the Blacks will accept ALL arguments, whether it is good for them or not!

The West does not want anything good for Africa! They want Africa to be CUSTOMER for their goods! We cannot be allowed to be a major MANUFACTURING continent since that will bring COMPETITION with their goods! They have to keep their market share in Africa since it has been gradually eroded in Asia. They have tried to prevent Asia from becoming a manufacturing continent by first of all initiating the “Ozone Layer” fears. When this was ignored, they have now come back with the “Climate Change” concept! All in the guise of trying to stop the erosion of their market share. This thing with Iran is NOT about nuclear capabilities. It is to stop Iran from becoming a truly manufacturing giant like China. India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea all have Nuclear Weapons; have they caused any wars or threatened anybody with it? The only country with nuclear weapon that threatens every other nation is the USA. That is where the Anti-Christ is going to come from! Not surprisingly as well, it is where the next Adolf Hitler will be re-incarnated!

If the West cares about Africa, it should advise it about having true democracy in the form of AUTONOMY TO THE INDIVIDUAL REGIONS AND TRIBES. This is what they have in the USA – Autonomous States and Local Councils. It has worked for you guys in the USA, hence, why have you NOT INSTRUCTED the Africans to do the same since it is the best way and the best way to avoid conflict. You found this out in the USA after your Civil War by COMPROMISING. This is what YOU MUST impart on these educated illiterate leaders in Africa who do not believe in their own judgements until TOLD to them by the White Man!

If we can generate 24/7 power and light; where would the western manufacturers of generators sell them?

If we can eradicate malaria; how would western pharmaceuticals sell their malaria products?

Where would they dump their TOXIC wastes? 90% of the motor car is recycled in the West, with ALL THE TOXIC WASTES REMOVED; do they recycle their vehicles exported to Africa? Ad far as they are concerned, the lives of the African are not worth as much as the Caucasians!

The list is endless and that is the reason why the West CANNOT ALLOW AFRICA TO DEVELOP AND ATTAIN THEIR OWN STANDARD! If you find this piece interesting, you can read more about Africa and the reasons why it is unable to move forward in this new book by an African, a black African, who has lived in the West for many years and been involved in their politics.

Check it out at or (Shine Your Eyes Mama Africa by Gavin Bond).

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