Torrential Rains Hits Ghana Causing Unbearable Damages


Torrential rain hit some parts of Ghana, the capital Accra included, causing flooding in downtown areas and disrupting traffic on major roads.

The intermittent rain, which started in the wee hours of Saturday, continued through to the afternoon. Many major drains carrying running water were overflown, while some road potholes were enlarged and deepened.

Vehicles and commuters to several places within the cities and adjoining communities had to wade through heavy floods to get to their destinations. Some drivers, as a result of poor visibility, had to park their vehicles on the shoulders of roads.

Some residents in the affected areas were seen scooping flood waters from their homes and shops.

Videos and comments about the flooding situation and its attendant impact were posted on social media with residents calling on the government to find a permanent solution to their age-old poor drainage challenges.

Komla Dodze, a resident of Tema, told Xinhua in an interview how the torrential rain had destroyed his property.

“In fact, today’s continuous rain has actually destroyed almost everything in my room, including the fridge, furniture, and others, all were flooded,” said the resident.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency on Saturday warned citizens to be cautious in flood-prone areas. Enditem

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