Use Switch Words to transform Your Life


Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.


I have been a student of switch words for some time now. I use them almost on a daily basis to solve my problems.

Switch words are the words we use in our everyday life. They are single word affirmations.

Each switch word has its own vibrational frequency. When we use two or more switch words, they become switch word phrases. When combined their potency is said to increase. They become more efficient and effective when used appropriately.

Switch words were first identified by Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and psychotherapist. He said switch words had the ability to affect our thinking patterns.

Down the line other people made significant contributions to the world of switch words. James T. Mangan,( 1896-1970) an accomplished author and business mogul did a lot of research into switch words and came up with about 60 of them which were captured in his book ‘The Secret of Perfect Living.’ According to him switch words when carefully selected and used can help solve many problems. We can use them to manifest virtually anything we desire.

Other notable contributors to the world of switch words include Liz Dean, author, Sharat Sir, astrologer and tarot card reader, and Priyanka, a numerologist from Prune.

Switch words are power words that transcend the conscious and speak directly to the subconscious mind, clearing blocks to pave the way for the manifestation of whatever we want or the problems we seek to resolve. We can use switch words for anything, there are no limits.

Anyone can use switch words. Their use is neither black magic nor demonic. They have been divinely gifted for our benefit.

We can use switch words to manifest money, love, creativity, career and business success, illnesses and diseases can be managed among others. We can use switch words to change our undesirable habits and anything that is not serving our purpose in life.

Switch words have the ability to change your energy from one dimension to another dimension. It means your auric field changes depending on the switch word used.

Switch words are like musical notes; they can make you feel good or bad, happy or depressed. They can lower or increase your vibrations.

We should always aim at selecting switch words that raise our vibrations so manifestation becomes a lot easier. Your feelings have the capacity to attract or repel; choose words that give you good feelings. When that happens positivity permeates your body, mind and spirit which makes it possible for your goals to materialize.

How do we use switch words? A few techniques are considered below.

Switch words are incredibly powerful and can work on the subconscious mind to bring the desired results. Switch words can activate your abilities to get things done.

There are many ways to use switch words. You can chant them for as many times as you possibly can.

You must have belief in the switch words and your intention. When using switch words, focus on your intention and watch as their magic begins to produce results. When you notice small positive changes, be grateful. Small changes will lead to the desired big changes you want.

Chanting can be done silently in the mind, or out loud. It can be done at any time of the day.

You can chant your switch words for at least 10 minutes morning and evening. Use words that resonate with your heart.

Chant switch words into water and drink it. The water gets charged with the energy of the switch words and this can put you in vibrational alignment with your desires for easy manifestation.

You can write the switch words on a piece of paper and put under your pillow and sleep with it. The energy of the switch words will enter your auric field and work magically towards the materialization of your thoughts, plans and goals.

Write the words on a piece of paper and place a glass of water on it. Drink the water after a few minutes. The water is no more ordinary as it has the energy of the switch words.

Similarly, label your water bottle with switch words. Fill the bottle with water and sip it throughout the day. Alternatively drink the water over a span of three days.

Switch words can be written on the body to achieve good health and recovery from illness and disease. They can help one obtain happiness, prosperity and a healthy life. They can help the individual fast track positive results in their life.

Here are my favourite switch words:

GOLDEN SUNRISE to achieve success in life

COUNT- for attracting money

DIVINE- for miracles to happen

FIND- to attract abundance and wealth, to gravitate towards fortune

REACH- to find lost items

BRING- is a manifestation power word meant to bring what you desire into your life.

TOGETHER- is a master switch word that is used to unite the divinity with the being and to bring together the results of your intentions.

DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW- to attract divine blessings by surrendering your goals to the supreme powers to work things out for you. Set an intention and chant the switch word phrase DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW

Switch words are like software commands to the mind working to bring the desired results. They are powerful manifestation tools that anyone can use to transform their world. Use them as a life changing tool.

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