Weeping For Mother Ghana

Ghana Flag
Ghana Flag

Weep, Weep Oh Rockson,

Weep for your beloved country Ghana,
She is being raped in broad daylight,
By the seeds of her very womb,
Her sons and daughters know no shame,
The well-placed among them have become cheats,
Yes, they have become oppressors,
Using their positions to commit pen-robbery,
Depleting whatever she has saved for her grandchildren,
Because her children never believe in the future,
But today, hence squandering all her wealth gluttonously.
Weep, Weep oh Rockson,
Weep for those fellow Ghanaians,
Who are still mired in ignorance,
Making mockery of one?s advanced age,
Not knowing the relevance of old age,
Is an indication of wisdom,
And grey hair, a repository of wisdom,
Without this knowledge,
And thinking all Ghanaians are fools,
They play and assiduously aspire to play,
On the intelligence of those they deem stupid,
Taxing their patience with impunity.
Weep, Weep oh Rockson,
Weep for those undermining Nana Akufo Addo,
On the silly note of his age,
A septuagenarian who had better retire,
From active politics they say,
To permit them continue to plunder mother Ghana,
As they are doing now,
To the point of placing embargo on public service recruitment,
With the inability to raise money,
To pay public service workers.
What has age got to do with honesty,
Dynamism, dedication to duty and selflessness?
Are not the young ones in government,
That have become instant pen-robbers,
Emptying the coffers of Ghana,
As if?tomorrow?never comes?
Is it not the young ones,
That are stifling the economy,
Reaping from where they never sowed,
To the detriment of Ghanaians,
And to the shame of mother Ghana?
Weep, Weep Oh Rockson,
That most Ghanaians are easily misled,
By the youth in government,
Who are embezzling funds.
The youth tell them,
That politics needs young people,
But they deliberately withhold from them,
That for a country to develop,
It requires honest politicians,
But not the dishonest greedy ones,
As are now ruling Ghana.
Age is simply a number,
And it is only in the mind,
If your mind tells that you are young,
Then you are young.
For it is the mind that controls the human body,
And the body acts in dictates of the mind.
Nana Akufo Addo is young,
Even though he is seventy,
He is honest,
He has never been corrupt,
He is energetic, experienced and dedicated,
To be of service to mother Ghana and Ghanaians.
Who never wants this?
But the criminals raping their own mother,
In broad daylight,
And using judgment debt payments,
In attempts to obliterate their sins.
Oh, poor young politicians,
Sinking Ghana through thievery,
Shame on you!
Rockson will weep no more,
But he will sensitize fellow Ghanaians,
On the knowledge of age being only a number!
And honesty, dynamism, dedication and selflessness,

Being the strong pivots on which successful politics revolves.

Rockson Adofo

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