Who needs repentance – President Mahama, the Villain or Nana Akufo Addo, the virtuous?


The JM Truth Forum, a self seeking rag tag army of the nebulous Nefarious Destructive Cancer like its leader, John Mahama has murdered sleep and will therefore sleep no more. The group which is made up of a bunch of empty brains is bent on taking the country backwards to the State of Nature where life was very short, nasty and brutish.

I am extremely angry at being compelled against all reasonable ethics to respond to dangerous attempts by a group of self seekers hired to change the direction of discussions and investigations into the mysterious death of Former President Mills. The Mahama led administration which is noted for its inefficiency, unintelligence and directionless style of leadership is knee deep involved in the death and is doing everything in its power to give official cover up to the sudden death on the country?s Number One Citizen.

I can only imagine what it must have been for people like James Kofi Afedo, Convener of the JM Truth Forum whose mental imbalance puts him in a pigeonhole. His thoughts and arguments are so garbled from the beginning to the end of his statement that like Amissah-Arthur, Current Vice President, he seems not to understand the issues at state and so is in no position to tackle the matter in such a way as to leave no doubt in any person?s mind that the President is in no way involved in any complicity relating to the death of his former boss..

James Kofi Afedo and the JM Truth Forum, like the President are not credible and could not be taken seriously when they comment on anything that pertains to the death of the late President, John Evans Atta Mills. From all indications, the group appears to have been given a blank cheque by the vicious and out of focus Mahama administration to move investigations into the death of former President far from the person of the current President. The group has therefore resorted to a war of nerves in an attempt to cow the apostles of truth like Justice Sarpong, Okoampah Ahoofe and my humble self into submission.

One of the group?s first acts is the issuing of a statement asking the Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to repent. On that, I throw an open challenge to the Convener of the Forum James Kofi Afedo. Between the icon and political juggernaut, Nana Akufo Addo and the much hated President and villain, John Mahama, who is in need of redemption? John Dramani Mahama it was who openly said that it was the death of his predecessor which ?opened a door of opportunity for him to become President?. And you want to tell me this President has a rich soul? If it were to be any other country where negative politics has not affected State Institutions, do you think the person who made such a reckless statement would go scot free? If somebody dies and I make such a statement to the hearing of others, do you in your real sense think the law enforcement agencies will not arrest me for manslaughter or even murder?

I am flabbergasted that the JM Truth Forum, which has now arrogated to itself as the mouthpiece of the visionless, clueless, purposeless and confused President John Mahama and defend him on his alleged complicity in the death could all of a sudden metamorphose into a gargantuan vulture to issue warnings to individuals, media houses and web sites to stop commenting on the death of the former president?s death and allow his soul to rest in peace.

But how can the soul of the late President rest in peace when a lot of questions about his sudden death are left unanswered? How will the soul of the late President find rest when a lot of allegations hang like an albatross around the neck of his successor? No, they cannot waive these unanswered questions away just like that. As long as we are concerned it is only after all these questions are answered by the current President that the soul of our departed President will have eternal rest. Anything short of that is a fa?ade.

The group wrote: ?In fact, on Thursday October 25, 2012, regular contributor to Ghanaweb and other pro-opposition newspaper and known member of the opposition party, Daniel Danquah Damptey wrote an article published on Ghanaweb that President John Mahama killed his former boss to stop him from exposing the former corrupt deals in the purchase of aircrafts?.

Yes, I stated that the stony silence of the President in the midst of all those allegations including that of the aircraft makes him a likely suspect in the sudden death of the late President. But one thing that I found funny in the whole issue was that whereas the JM Truth Forum punched holes in the Reuter?s report, they never for once raised any query on all the issues I raised. So I ask this question: What was the purpose in bringing me into their so-called rebuttal which rather implicated the President the more.

Again, I ask James Kofi Afedo and his rag tag JM Truth Forum: ?Did late President Mills set up a Three Man Committee to investigate the purchase of Aircrafts for the Ghana Armed Forces?? A simple ?Yes? or ?No? answer will show us the direction the President?s involvement in the death of his predecessor or otherwise will take. So they should first answer this question.

I strongly believe that James Kofi Afedo and his so-called JM Truth Forum were stunned by undiluted emotions my revelations stirred up in them. The revelations, I can rightly say were pungent and very bitter and would have awakened the conscience of every sane person. But not James Kofi Afedo because he like our President has a tainted and wicked soul.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo?s transparency is not in doubt. President Mahama and his NDC have beamed all their searchlights on him, hoping to find anything incriminating against him. The all drew a blank. But can we say same of John Dramani Mahama, the ethnocentric tribal warlord who asked people in the Three Northern Regions to vote for him because he is a Northerner like they are? How could such a person preside over the affairs of the whole nation? Is it any wonder that he does not want the free SHS education which is being enjoyed in the 3 Northern Regions to be extended to other Regions? And it is for the same reason that he advised his former Boss and late President Mills to appoint another tribal bigot, Kofi Awoonor as Chairman of Council of State.

It was President Mahama?s nominee and friend who wrote a book titled ?The Ghana Revolution? in which he made very disparaging remarks against Ashantis. This tribal bigot wrote that it was the presence of Ashanti elements in Nkrumah?s government that led to the fall of the CPP.

And Kofi Afedo wants to compare this tribal warlord with my Flag-bearer? President Mahama was the lead negotiator in the STX Deal which turned out to be the greatest 419 deal of the century. What about the Almajaros? The hanger of a plane costing 17 million dollars? The tyre of an airplane costing one million dollars! And if you were the president, would you not feel concerned about the betrayal of your vice, the man you have trusted with your life? And that was exactly what happened.

And I am surprised Kofi Afedo and his John Mahama? Truth Forum even have the face to make a comparism between their corrupt flag bearer and my Nana Akufo Addo who has proved by all intents and purposes that he is sincere, transparent, pragmatic, God fearing, and caring but decisive President in waiting.

I would like to ask James Kofi Afedo and his members whether they have any regard for human life or value. If they do, have they sat down to ponder over all the questions which are begging for answers as they relate to the death of the former President?

Are members of the JM Truth Forum aware that if you refuse to give medical aid to your child and the baby dies through negligence, the parent is liable for prosecution? Even amongst members of the Jehovah Witness Sect if a parent stubbornly refuses to allow the child to be given blood transfusion and the child dies, the parent is held liable in some extreme cases.

I pity James Kofi Afedo and his bewitched bunch of captives in a charismatic zoo called the NDC. This hurriedly assembly rag tag army under Kofi Afedo depicts them as a group of desperados who are clinging? on to a thin rope with a rare hope that their threats might the enough to make their opponents to cave in and allow the evil ravenous wolves who are disguised as politicians to rape the mentality of their captives. If this is so, why have those who handled the health issues of the late president not been arrested?

Again, we were told by the Commander of the 37 Military Hospital that 2 Gynecologists accompanied the body of the late President from the Castle to the Hospital. From the layman?s point of view, a gynaecologist treats illnesses/diseases that affect women. And we ask, ?Was our late President a woman?? Did he need the services of those doctors? Who decided that the two doctors should accompany the late President on his last journey to the Hospital? And why should those two doctors dabble into an area of medicine they had no expertise in? The two doctors and the person who took the decision to allow the two to accompany the body should be arrested.

What about the National Security Coordinator who, against all wise counsel dissuaded the late President from resigning when the latter felt his health would no longer permit him to discharge his duties as President and Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. He too must not be allowed to go scot free.

The CIA Spy, Kwesi Pratt and Chemical Ali, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa also have questions to answer. We recall vividly that when Nana Akufo Addo sent a ?Get Well? message to the late President as he went for his last medical treatment abroad, the duo were very vocal in condemning the NP?s flag-bearer for crying wolf where there was none. These partners in crime denied the late President was suffering from any serious illness.

Those who made the President go through such rigorous exercise at the airport before he emplaned for the U.S and when he retuned to the country also have a case to enter.? Could it be that such exercises were meant to dispatch him to his early grave and that when that failed, plan B was put into action?

The Editor of the Finder (a pro NDC) newspaper had made some damning allegation against the then Vice President, when the late President went for his last medical treatment in the US. The paper said that a top member of the Presidency who stood to gain in the event of the death of the former president was leaking information about the health status of the late President to outsiders. And when the fears of the editor of the Finder were realized, the beneficiary who happened to be President Mahama publicly said it was the death of his former boss that has opened a door of opportunity for him to become President. What do James Kofi Afedo and his nebulous group have to say to this? The Editor of the Finder must be invited to shed more light on the allegation and the person to initiate action on investigation is President Mahama himself

I once more repeat that I stand by the numerous charges I have leveled against President Mahama and I want Kofi Afedo and his cheer leaders to contradict me by saying my allegations are untrue or baseless.

Why was the security detail of the Vice President revised on the evening of Monday, 23rd July, 2012, the day before the former President died officially? Two Armoured Cars from Burma Camp went to guard the residence of the then Vice President at Cantonment? Why should it be so when the substantive President was alive? James Kofi Afedo, is it true that the armored cars went to guard the residence?? Answer Yes or No. If you answer in the affirmative, can you give any satisfactory reason for that action?

Again, President John Mahama contradicted himself whilst giving accounts relating to the death of his former boss. In the first account, he told the entire nation that he met the late President in the morning of his death and that the late President had asked him to represent him at a function held at the International Conference Centre. He said this on the day he was sworn in as President. He even went further to state that he and the Chief of Staff had reported the successful completion of the assignment to the late President on their return to the Castle.

I would like James Kofi Afedo and his nebulous noise makers to either corroborate or refute the account I have narrated here.? Again in an exclusive interview with Shaka Ssali of VOA Straight Talk Africa, President Mahama expunged that portion of his having met the late President in the morning and afternoon of the day he died.

He said he noticed that the late President did not come to the office on Monday, 23rd July, 2012. When he, (John Mahama) went to his office he found a memo from the President asking or directing him (Mahama) and the Chief of Staff to represent him at a Public Function at the International Conference Centre the following day. Meanwhile the former President has his residence at the Castle, but the then Vice President whose office was also at the Castle did not bother to go and check on the health of his former boss. Does this exist in an atmosphere where there is cordial relationship between a subordinate and his superior? Meanwhile, we have been told by the Chaplain who conducted the Sunday Service at the Castle that the late President was so unwell that he could not attend Church Service that Sunday morning. So how did the late President come to his office to write the memo to John Mahama?

Again, we learnt that the Sister and the brothers of the late President were with him on the day he died. Did John Mahama see them on the day when he and the Chief of Staff went to report to the late after their return from the ICC?? Who sent information to the sister that the late President was seriously ill? And they said they sang some hymns with the late President!

Again Iddrissu Haruna, Communications Minister says he was part of the delegation that represented the President at the public function on the day the late President died. But he gave the venue as the Arts Centre. I did my checks at the Arts Centre and found out no such event took place there. Will James Kofi Afedo and his rag tag army tell Ghanaians why there are a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions in the various accounts by the dramatis personae?? Why did the President on both occasions tell us Haruna Iddrissu was part of the delegation that represented the late President at thefunction?

I would have preferred a situation where the JM Truth Forum would come up with a fine tooth comb to punch holes in the fact I presented as untrue, falsification, inaccuracies or blatant lies. This they have woefully failed to do. So I ask< what was the purpose of their noise making?

But I am not done yet.? When John Mahama was nominated as Running Mate to John Evans Atta Mills,? the latter paid a courtesy call on the Chief Imam Sheik Sharebutu at the latter?s residence. There, he told the Chief Imam that his John Mahama?s father, Alhaji Mahama was a constant visitor at the latter?s residence. He John Mahama recalled an incident when he accompanied his father on one of such visits where his father said to the hearing of everybody that he John Mahama would be a very prominent person in this country and that that prophecy had been fulfilled with his nomination as Vice President.

Could it be, and I am wondering if he, like Macbeth who was promised the Title of Thane of Cawdor and later ?King hereafter? by the witches took concrete steps to ensure the ultimate after that prophecy concerning that of Cawdor had come true, President Mahama after becoming Vice President felt the ultimate could also come to him if he played his cards well.

We also hear that die hard activists of the NDC approached the late President and intimated him on plans to use ?ways and means? to retain the seat if they lost the December, 2012 General Elections. The former President was alleged to have vehemently opposed such a plan and said transparency would be the deciding factor in the elections. The people went back with long faces and from that time the late President became a marked man. How true this rumour is I do not know but there might be an element of truth in it.

Does it also not puzzle you that some individuals in the NDC were jostling and lobbying for the post of Vice President about days before the sudden death of the President Mills? This information was given by Mr Seth Ofori, former Press Secretary to the late President.

It will pay the visionless James Kofi Afedo and his ramshackle rag tag army to start proffering answers to the numerous issues raised concerning the death of the former President instead of issuing threats on die hard and down to earth apostles of truth Ghanaians like my humble self who have sworn to defend the truth at the peril of their lives. The Kofi Afedos are so intimidated that they show unquestionable loyalty to their oppressors who have caged them in their zoological and charismatic garden/zoo

President John Mahama does not have any trait of honesty in him. He has, since infancy been taking from society without given anything in return. And that is the reason why even though he was educated at the state?s expense and is now in a position of giving same back to society, he is shirking that responsibility.

We have a government led by people whose arrogance, greed and insatiable lust for trappings of power make them the most deadly mafia alive today. Human life is cut sort at the peak of its prime. The killer stalks its victims and strikes at a time when the latter hardly expects. It has become a dog eat dog syndrome. No one is safe any more. Not even the President of the country. For if two angels plot a coup in Heaven, who is going to tell Baba God?

The blood of a full blooded Ghanaian created in the image of God was spilled to give desperate, vicious, treacherous and unmitigating disasters the opportunity to superintend over the affairs of this great Nation of ours. I wish to reiterate that nobody can wash away the death of the former President just like that, for I am resolved in the crusade to unearth the secret behind the ?assassination? of our former President and bring perpetrators of such heinous crime against mother Ghana and God to justice. On this solemn pledge I stand. May God Almighty help me in this!

Daniel Danquah Damptey (Damptey_daniel@yahoo.com) 0243

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