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I was fortunate enough to have been around at the Conference Centre when couple of friends were locked in a fierce argument as to which of the two artistes above rock better. Honestly I find that very awkward because comparing the two in the first place was not right since they don’t do the same type of music.

In case you didn’t know Sarkodie is a Hip Life/Hip Hop artiste while Samini is Dance Hall/Ragga/Reggae/Hip Life artiste.

To say Sarkodie rocks better because you like him personally doesn’t sound good in my ears. Same way to say Samini is better on stage because you are in love with his dreadlocks makes me smile but I don’t think it’s a good enough reason.

By now it’s a known fact that Samini and Sarkodie can sell shows anywhere in Ghana. Their shows, ‘MOVADO LIVE in 2011 Fantasy Jam Hosted By Samini’ and ‘Sarkodie Rapperholic – Live In Concert’ were named as the best outdoor and indoor shows of 2011.

Samini is the king of modern music in Ghana. When it comes to live band, he rules his generation. Sarkodie on the other hand has seen the need to use the live band. He gives many headaches when there is the need for him to mime.

It is difficult to say one is better than the other but by your experience, which of them rocks better.

Let’s put emotions aside and be truthful and real to ourselves. The event organisers are reading your comments; help them to know which of the two you would want to see at shows.

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