Why Canada can sell its medication for less


In an increasingly expensive world more consumers are looking to the Internet to source their prescription drugs and over the counter medication.  An online Canadian pharmacy is often seen as a solution to the problems of costly medication.


One of the main reasons why Canadian drugs are so much cheaper than their US counterparts is the Canadian Patented Medicine Prices Review Board.  This legal body controls the prices of all Canadian medicines and ensures that they will never rise above inflation, and the Review Board has also ruled that Canadian drugs can never cost more than the average price for the same medications in other countries.  This move has resulted in a five percent reduction in price for pharmaceuticals compared with sales in other countries.


The Canadian provinces are allowed to negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical companies in order that new medicines can be placed on the Province formulary, a universal prescription guide for doctors and health practitioners. Obviously it’s in the pharmaceutical company’s best interests to be registered on the formulary.


Another reason why Canada can sell its medication for less is that it is commonly agreed that the litigation costs are far lower in Canada than in the US, therefore exposure to litigation by purchasers of Canadian drugs are far lower than those in the US.  The pharmaceutical companies pass on this benefit to the online pharmacies.


Customers in the US


US citizens take advantage of the low costs of Canadian online pharmacies, and figures show they spent an estimated $1 billion online buying drugs from Canada last year. Figures for the UK show that over two million citizens buy medication regularly online.  One of the reasons that Canada can keep its medication prices to reasonable levels is that the online pharmacies often use legal generic drugs rather than high cost brand leaders, and even these costs can be considerably lower in Canada than elsewhere.  For example, the drug Lipitor (10mg) can cost $188.51 in Canada, compared with an expensive $255.97 in the US.  This is a phenomenal saving for anyone who is facing a future of heart problems and has to buy this drug on a continual basis.


Can you trust the online pharmacies?


Canadian online pharmacies don’t just cater for the US market, anyone anywhere can go online and contact them. There are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that the pharmacy is legitimate and that you won’t end up buying counterfeit products, thereby compromising your health.  All Canadian online pharmacies must have a certificate from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association; this regulatory body gives the pharmacy a license number that is issued by the provincial government and also indicates that the pharmacy has satisfied legal regulations that allow the sale of prescription medicines.  The license also guarantees that the online pharmacy can handle online financial payments securely and that personal health information is kept confidential.


Another way of verifying whether a site is legitimate is to see whether the online pharmacy is registered with ‘Pharmacy Checker.’  There should be links to this licensing body on the online Canadian pharmacy website that you choose and you will be able to see when it was last inspected and whether it has fulfilled all the licensing requirements.

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