Modern woman should pay more attention to security issues when they travel alone, because the slightest negligence may lead to the accident.

In order to make responsible for the family and protect yourselves, before the journey, you had best to your family decided roads include every places which could contact with you. Even if you do not book hotels, you should also select few places where you will go through the premises, or even leave the dates of the National Tourism Service Center to facilitate friends and family.

In the journey, you should avoid carrying valuables. One reason is that it is easy to lose, and another reason is that the criminals are easy to regard you as the target. For the important thing, it is best to stay in the room safe. If there is no safe box in a hotel, at usually, the counter will prepare for you. But you have to know there is no real insurance safe, small safe box in the room can be taken away by a person, so the effect was limited. In places with poor law and order, if there is no safe box in the hotel, you can bring the important things by yourself.

You have to know some doors in the hotel are not insurance, you can buy travel safety lock online, or can also put a cup or bottle on the door handle, only if someone turn the door handle, and cup and bottle will fall to the ground to scare away the thief. You can also leave a light when you leave a room or turn on the TV.

Do not expose your individual information before traveling. Do speak out your name, address and telephone on the road.

For example, you have already boarding, the phone cannot be used, and the cheater will pretend to be nervous to tell your family that you had an accident on the way, so you need a lot of money.

If you had to walk on a secluded street, you had best to avoid closing building to avoid being pulled into by someone. When you encounter hostile people close to you, you should go out into the street to walk or cross the street (but pay attention to safety) to attract the attention of passing traffic. If you have the necessary, you can even reach out and hailed for assistance.

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