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Logistics industry is gaining tremendous significance amidst stiff market competitions. As the world turns into a global village with innovations in technologies and communication modes, the logistics industry is also developing strategies to remain ahead in the race. Its initiative in the adoption of different software such as freight, warehouse and transportation software, helps in catering to the need of present day freight forwarding and transportation issues.

The operational management of any logistics company involves three important objectives:

Planning the shipping process – it includes selection of transportation and carrier mode as well as optimization of route and load along with rate selection.

Monitoring the process of shipping – It revolves round tracking of shipments along the route, quality control and cost control.

Measuring key performance indicators – It involves measuring the percentage of timely deliveries, costs, productivity and expenses.

As an economical logistics resource, the transportation software, an intrinsic part of the 3PL software, offers complete control of the transportation operations of the 3PL company.

The transportation software is a perfect choice for freight forwarders, and 3PL companies that desire to manage and streamline the shipment procedures along with and independent of the logistic department. Several logistic companies face complicacies in dealing with logistic operations and transportation management and hence seek services of other 3PL companies.

The 3PL software helps in proper management of freight operations without compromising on the quality aspects.

This feature rich software enables companies that look for logistics optimization solutions to increase their bottom line and reduce the expenses involved in freight operations. For a cost effective shipping process, it is essential to have right selection of logistics software such as 3PL software and others for complete management of logistics operations. The software basically helps in managing three types of resources in logistics namely –

Logistics unit in house – This resource is basically used by shippers who operate their own fleet

3PL or Third Party Logistics – 3PL also called freight brokers bridge the gap between the shippers and carriers and does away with the need of maintaining a logistics unit

Transportation – It offers freight transportation solutions that are otherwise provided by 3PL companies. It is very beneficial software from the cost perspective.

3PL software today are well advanced solutions that are designed for quick implementation and operational efficiency. The software leverages on latest and advanced technologies and is a perfect option for managing third party logistics operation with ease. Exclusively designed for companies that look for 3PL services, it helps in handling logistics more efficiently by providing real time inventory data, management of web-based order, smooth communication with clients, billing and tracking the orders/shipments or in house activities. Suitable for logistic industry, 3PL software acts as a link between carriers and 3PL companies. It helps in strategizing 3PL plan in adherence to business abilities and renders great benefits by increasing accuracy and saving time.

There are several drawbacks in using individual software such as warehousing or transportation software for individual operations of the supply chain. Such software do not communicate with each other and do not provide 360 degree view of the operations. Logi-Sys, an enterprise application from Softlink was designed specifically to overcome such drawbacks. It combines all the features that a logistic industry needs in managing its freights. The basic purpose of Logi-Sys is to offer an integrated solution for complex logistics operations. Its innovative features not only provide end -to-end logistic software solutions but also help in reducing operational expenses and inefficiencies.

In order to meet current challenges in the logistics industry, it is sensible to look for the best software solutions available and enhance long term business profits.

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