The Center for Democratic Development, CDD has refuted claims that the sample for the ?Afrobarometer report that gave a damning verdict on government?s performance?is politically skewed.CDD

Government claims that because 750 out of the 2,400 sampled persons for the survey were from the political stronghold of the opposition ?New Patriotic Party (NPP), the objectivity of the report is questionable.

According to the survey, 76% of Ghanaians blame government for failing to improve their living standards.

The CDD however insists that its random sampling of respondents was done in a way to ensure the adult population in the country was?fairly represented.

?The fact that majority [of the sampled size] is coming from Ashanti Region is not based on any political reason, it?s simply based on the procedure we used in selecting our sample,? said Daniel Armah Attoh, Afrobarometer Project Manager for Anglophone West Africa.

The survey also revealed that majority of Ghanaians say their current economic conditions have worsened, compared to the same period a year ago.

Daniel Armah speaking to?Citi News?said?an attack on the credibility of the survey is ?unfortunate? while suggesting to government to consider the output of the findings instead.

Government is currently seeking support from the?International Monetary Fund?(IMF) to help salvage the country?s ailing economy.



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