AMERI Deal Is Nothing But Naked Thievery – PPP

Charlse Owusu, a communication member of the Progressive People's Party (PPP) have sated on



ATV’s “Asem Yi Di Ka” show that the government’s AMERI deal is nothing but a ‘naked thievery’, condemned government for concealing sections of its agreement with AMERI group for a 250MW power plant.

According to him, this deal was a deliberate attempt to rip this country dry, it was to create loot and share but he is particularly happy that crime has no expiry date and this government will answer questions to their corrupt deals even in their graves. He said what is even irritating is the fact that they have communicators who will lie to Ghanaians and citizens feel like the deal is free. “We hear them say it a built, operate and transfer (BOT) deal but we are paying. This is naked thievery lead by the president John Dramani Mahama.

We went for Euro bond and we couldn’t use part of this money for a plant, we couldn’t raise money as a country to buy one than to go into a deal with a fraudster, an international thief who is on a wanted list and you think this is not thievery?” he asked.
He said the government is not interested in fixing the energy (dumsor) problem but only taking advantage of the situation to rip the country dry. He further noted there were clear indications that the deal was not good for the country, with both local and international experts warning the government against it but because they have some personal interest in the fraud deal, they gave deaf ears to all this advice.

“This government doesn’t even care about the citizens of this country at all. Look at how business are collapsing, barbering saloons, cold stores, beauty salons among other industrial companies as a result of this energy crisis and this government seem not to see how his people are suffering. And upon all this, the government is only interested in creating, looting and sharing, stealing from Ghanaians. Ghanaians have to rise up against this incompetent government and vote them out come 2016. If they think they can get away with it then they should think again because if they don’t answer to questions from citizens of this country, they will definitely have some answers for God” he said.

He concluded saying it will only take a heartless government to bleed a country like Ghana and citizens must kick them out to save the future of this country. “2016 is no time for “beauty pageant” elections, it is no time for tribal politics or votes, it time Ghanaians vote based on serious policies, vote for someone who can develop, have the country at heart and with good government ideas to save our economy and the country’s future. If you vote “edy bee k3k3”, you face the consequences of “edey bee k3k3” and dumsor, high level of corruption are part of such consequences” he noted.

Source:Nana Reagan/ATV/Ghana/Accra

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