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Sylvester Mensah, CEO of NHIA
Sylvester Mensah, CEO of NHIA
The NDC Party is highly nationalistic in nature and considers the plight of all ethnicities, tribes and regions equally. A party person, no matter his lineage, tribe or region, is highly qualified for any position in the party if he diligently discharges himself.

The NDC has been the only Party that has had Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential Candidates across the various Regions. Every tribe can boast of a Presidential or Vice Presidential Candidate, and even Presidents. This era is an era for the Ga?s to also have their fair share of the Presidency. It is also time that a well discharged Ewe also follows after Ga?s.

Hon. Sylvester Mensah, a Ga and partly Ewe qualify for this position. His whole life has being with La and continue to discharge his duties as a former MP of the area. People in the Dade-Kotopon Constituency know him as Ga and wholly supports him as such.

Hon. Sylvester Mensah is very humble, politically astute, supportive, and a defacto political consultant to the oldies and the youth who intends venturing politics, and a God father to many across the country.
During his service at the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), all can boast of his generosity towards development of a better NHIS. His office was not limited to only NDC activists but to all parties who seeks better healthcare administration in the country.

In the NDC, he has openly and financially supported all activities that help in Party mobilization and growth. He has couched a niche for himself and this has given him a great national figure. His posture to all classes of persons in the country and across is a good gesture of true leadership. He is a man who identifies the resourcefulness of the youth and supports them to come up on their own. He is a true face of the youth and can efficiently take over the Party after the second term of H.E. JM. He is a good organizer and has a large population of followers and admirers across the country.

The NDC is noted over the years for its ability to field in a Vice-Presidential Candidate who will absolutely take over the Presidency after the term of the President. We have another term for JM and Sly qualifies to be marketed for the 2020 elections, by first making him a Vice presidential Candidate.

The youth of La, Akropong, Koforidua, Osu, Teshie, Nungua, Odododiodoo, the Ayawaso?s, the Ablekuma?s, and all the coastal areas including the Eastern and some parts of the Brong Ahafo Regions are strongly rooting for Sly as Veep.
La Dade-Kotopon sees him as a godfather who attends to the needs of all constituents anytime he is called upon. He has a team of youth he grooms for leadership positions in the Constituency and beyond. He is not the greedy type to hold on to power, even when there are well-resourced youth to take over efficiently. He has a succession plan for young prospective leaders. This is a true mark of a leader.

In the few weeks to come, the youth will outline the various factors which qualify Sly for VEEP to the Presidency.

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