Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has faced a barrage of criticism for Arsenal’s poor performances in 2012 from fans and journalists alike, but now people in high places want him out. Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, has called on the long-time Arsenal manager to give up the job he’s held for 15 years.

Kagame, a noted Arsenal fan, did so on Twitter in an exchange with with Kenyan journalist Philip Etale. He thinks Arsenal’s trophy drought, which is nearing seven years, has allowed mediocrity to set in at the club. Arsenal has lost all three of its Premier League games this year.

Mr Wenger does not use have a public twitter account but he told a friend “That Kagame should go. Under his presidency poverty is still widespread, the country still depend heavily on aid and his country is the laughing stock of the modern world with his one cow per household deal. Perhaps he should concentrate on running the country, not the premier league”.

Mr Kagame’s office refused to reply when contacted by the spoof today.



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