Bright Addae and Sanka Homes donates to Apenkwa Presby school

Bright Addae and Saka Homes Illuminate Apenkwa Presby School
Bright Addae and Saka Homes Illuminate Apenkwa Presby School

In a shining example of community collaboration, former U-20 World Cup medalist Bright Addae, partnered with Saka Homes CEO Mr. Ebenezer Kwadwo Addo Mensah-Saka, to generously donate a collection of thoughtfully customized exercise books to the Presby School at Apenkwa.

Bright Addae’s unwavering dedication to education and community welfare takes center stage through his foundation’s ongoing charitable initiatives.

Elevating this commitment, Mr. Ebenezer Kwadwo Addo Mensah-Saka, Chief Executive Officer of Saka Homes, played a pivotal role by sponsoring the meticulous customization of the exercise books.

The personalized exercise books, symbolizing a commitment to quality education, were presented on December 25, 2023, to the leadership of the Presbyterian Church at Apenkwa. Mr. Ebenezer Kwadwo Addo Mensah-Saka’s sponsorship added a distinct touch, echoing Saka Homes’ ethos of enriching educational resources for local communities.

The synergy between Bright Addae and Saka Homes exemplifies the profound impact achievable through collaborative efforts in community development. This joint philanthropic venture not only contributes to educational enhancement but also underscores the transformative potential when businesses and individuals unite for a shared cause.

Bright Addae’s consistent commitment to making a positive impact off the field, coupled with the generous sponsorship from Saka Homes, illuminates the potential for collective initiatives to bring positive change to the heart of local communities.

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