National support and media dynamics in the entertainment space in review

Reflections on National Support and Media Dynamics in the Entertainment Scene

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In recent times, there has been a noticeable trend among various media houses, bloggers, celebrities, and even the general public in Ghana, where there seems to be a tendency to place greater value on foreign content at the expense of local talent. This observation is particularly evident in the stark contrast between the reception of Lady Afua’s recent singing venture and the overwhelming support that Hilda Baci from Nigeria received during her record-breaking cooking endeavor.

It has been almost three days since Lady Afua embarked on her Singathon, yet the silence from media houses, celebrities, and bloggers across the border in Nigeria is deafening. This discrepancy in coverage raises thought-provoking questions about the dynamics of support within the African entertainment landscape. Contrastingly, Ghanaians were actively engaged in reporting and expressing solidarity for Hilda Baci’s achievement, showcasing a commendable sense of unity and support.

The aftermath of Afua’s Singathon serves as a poignant moment for introspection, prompting a call for Ghanaians to cultivate a stronger sense of loyalty and support for their own talents. The observation that other nations might perceive such endeavors as competitive while Ghanaians view them as acts of love raises concerns about whether there exists an inherent challenge within the Ghanaian cultural mindset when it comes to appreciating and promoting local talent.

One cannot help but ponder whether there is an underlying issue that has resulted in Ghanaians seemingly undervaluing their own talents. Is it a curse of sorts that inhibits the full appreciation of local accomplishments, or is it a manifestation of a broader societal trend influenced by external factors? These questions beg for thoughtful consideration as the nation grapples with finding a balance between embracing international influences and nurturing a sense of pride and support for homegrown talent. The Afua Asantewaa incident serves as a poignant reminder that fostering a sense of Unity and appreciation for local talent is not merely an option but a necessity. It is a call to action for media houses, celebrities, bloggers and the wider Ghanaian community to be more proactive in championing and uplifting our own.

At this juncture let me congratulate the Vice President of Ghana, H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Nana Ama McBrown, Shatta Wale, Kwame Eugene, Kweku Manu, Sarkodie, and all other Musiciansfor the support. Kudos to Ghana Tourism Authority thus far for your immense support and exposure for this singathon project, much gratitude Ghanaians who cheered her through several social media handles and your presence at the venue.

In conclusion, the contrasting reactions to Lady Afua’s Singathon and Hilda Baci’s cooking achievement highlight a crucial need for introspection within the Ghanaian community. It’s imperative for media houses, bloggers, celebrities, and the public at large to reevaluate their priorities and actively work towards fostering a culture of unwavering support for local talent, thereby breaking free from any perceived curse that may hinder the appreciation of homegrown achievements.

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