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Celebrities urged to keep their children out in their social lives

Entertainment Celebrity Children
Entertainment Celebrity Children

Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, a clinical psychologist, says that children may not have the built-in mechanism to cope with the pressures of life as public figures, urging celebrities to shield their children from their social lives.

According to the psychologist, who is also a medical doctor, exposing children to the constant scrutiny and criticism that characterises the social lives of celebrities, especially on social media, could lead to unhealthy exposure to stress and depression.

”Shielding your child from abuse, unhealthy exposure to stress, and keeping a private life is necessary for their own growth and sanity. Children are at different stages of development and, thus, may not be able to appreciate and handle some life stresses as well as adults can,” he told the GNA Entertainment in an interview.

Dr. Newman Arthur asserted that doing well to separate their private lives from their public lives as celebrities was necessary to aid the mental development of their kids and the sanity of the celebrities.

”Whatever negative experiences can negatively affect them later in life. It is the duty of every parent, regardless of their status, to take good care of their children,” he said.

He further urged celebrities to seek the frequent services of psychologists to help maximise their mental wellbeing and deal with interpersonal relationship issues, career issues, crises, trauma and also improve their performance.

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