By Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

unnamed (5)Every school child knows that the purported ?conference? of constituent nations and peoples being planned by?Nigeria?is a farce ? a nauseating farce for that matter. If the script were a pantomime, no director worth their salt would give it a second look.?Nigeria?is nothing but a genocide state.?Nigeria?is also a kakistocratic state.?Nigeria?is the first genocide state in post-(European)conquest?Africa. Between 29 May 1966 and 12 January 1970,?Nigeria?embarked on the genocide of Igbo people, a hardworking constituent nation in what was then?Nigeria; the nation that played the?vanguard?role, beginning from the 1930s, to free?Nigeria?from the British conquest and occupation.?Nigeria murdered 3.1 million Igbo, one-quarter of this people?s population within those gruesome 44 months.
This genocide is still ongoing as these lines are written. I have argued, severally, that Igbo and any other peoples subjected to genocide have no other choice but abandon this state and create alternative states of freedom and security (see, for instance, Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe, ?Rights for Scots, Rights for the Igbo?,?re-thinkingafrica, 17 January 2012). Surely, a genocide state is?no?candidate for ?reforms?, ?structuring?, ?re-structuring?, ?negotiating?, ?re-negotiating?, “claiming”, “re-claiming”?nor?any such inanities. A genocide state is dismantled. This is its fate in history.
History books
Presently, Igbo ?representatives? to this farce are being announced here and there. Who are these? Precisely for the memory of the 3.1 million murdered in the genocide and the comprehensive recording of this crime, the Igbo who survived and their children and children?s children and theirs must ensure that they vet each and every name flagged off or earmarked as ?representing? the Igbo at this farce. This exercise is strictly for the history books and not for attending to the farce. If a suggested ?representative? was of age during the genocide, 29 May 1966-12 January 1970, where were they? What did they do? What did they do in defence of the people? Were they part of prosecuting the genocide??Alu! Were they part of the contingents of genocidist hordes which murdered the Igbo on land, sea, or air? Did they serve the genocidists as diplomats/advisors? If they were born after the genocide or came of age during this period, do they support Igbo right to the restoration of lost independence/sovereignty? Do they support Igbo right to comprehensive justice in the wake of the genocide? Are they this genocide?s denialist(s)? Who are these? No one who contributed, in any way, to harming the Igbo either during the genocide or in the aftermath must be cast as a? ?representative? of the Igbo ? not even for a farcical show.
The Igbo genocide is one of the most fully documented crimes in history. Everything, everything, must be recorded.


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