Desist from slapping – ENT specialist advises


Dr. Kwadwo Abebrese, An Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist, has advised people to stop slapping indiscriminately to prevent ear injuries and diseases that can lead to deafness.

He said husbands and parents who often slap their wives and children respectively, must desist from such acts.
“Slapping is not the only punishment for wives and children” because the resultant trauma and injury could damage the person’s eardrum forever and he or she might not hear again.

Dr. Abebrese, a former Medical Director of the Sunyani Regional Hospital told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview in Sunyani, saying sometimes blood oozed from the ears of some victims due to slapping.

Dr. Abebrese said some ear infections could also result from other diseases such as hypertension and stroke which could affect a person’s hearing whilst sore throat infections, if not treated well, could also affect the middle ear.

He, therefore, urged the public to appreciate and recognize the ear as one of the important parts of the human body since children who could not hear from birth might find it difficult to speak.

Dr. Abebrese stressed every disease, either communicable or non-communicable, that affected the body could also affect the ear, saying great care must therefore be taken to protect the ear very well from injuries and infections.
He advised nursing mothers not to force food into their babies’ throats because during it, the food might not go through the right tube and end in a different direction to affect the middle ear.

Dr. Abebrese also urged the public to prevent water from entering the ear while bathing as well as to discontinue the use of ear buds and other objects to remove dirt from the ears.

He explained when the wax in the ear becomes dirty, it would naturally harden and fall off from the ears by itself whilst asleep in the night or even during the day.

Dr. Abebrese emphasized the need for people to visit ENT clinics for the appropriate examination when having problems with their ears, or for cleaning.

He said it was better to visit any ENT clinic once a year for a routine check up on the ear, particularly those with conditions such as stroke, hypertension and aged 50 and above.

Dr Abebrese urged the public to stop self-medication and always seek medical advice about their health conditions because the intake of some medications could affect the hearing of an individual.

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