Energy Efficiency Management Conference And Seminar


ENERGY ADVERT-page-001Theme:?Strategies for Reducing Electricity Cost in Small, Medium and Large Consumer Set-Ups
Date:?4th-5th July, 2013
Venue:?Volta Hotel, Akosombo
Chairman:?Hon. Naser Mahama Toure – Vice Chairman, Select Committee on Mines and Energy, Parliament of Ghana

Delegates would have the opportunity to be presented with cases on
  1. Energy Auditing and Management Strategies
  2. Electrical Load Management
  3. Saving energy in public, residential and commercial sector


  • GH?1,500?per delegate
Fee inclusive of Accommodation, Conference Materials and Refreshment.
For registration and enquiries, contact
  • Samuel – 0244490600/?0509180380


Facility Managers for Medium and large Scale Consumers, Electric Power Producers, Grid Operators, Electric Power Distributors, Oil and Gas Operators, Mining Companies, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Energy Service Sector Providers, Generator Sale Service Companies, Transformer Sale Service Companies, Academic Institutions, Engineers, Technicians and the Media.


Efficiency, waste reduction, power factor correction, energy management and audit, electrical load management, energy conservation and clean energy have become the mantra for players in the energy sector these days. With nearly one billion people, Africa accounts for over a sixth of the world?s population, but generates only 4% of global electricity. The World Bank reckons that Five Hundred Million Sub-Saharan Africans are without what it calls ?Modern Energy?. Electricity prices continue to break record levels and continue to rise. Energy Efficiency Management is seen to have the greatest influence on electricity cost reduction. Improving energy efficiency affords consumers the opportunity to make significant electricity cost savings.?This maiden conference would seek to bring delegates, presentation s on current and work-in-progress power efficiency technologies. Participants?would therefore have the opportunity to capitalize on expert knowledge to gain maximum value on the following vital issues.
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