Four More Years for What?


Four more years for what? Does NPP and President Akufo Addo think we are here to celebrate mediocrity or what? Is our President talking about four more years for some of the following:

Elephant Size Ministers

123 ministers do not deserve another four more years. There is nothing to show for. It is a total drain on our meager resources.

Policy Implementations without Consultation.
We have seen several policies that turned out to be poorly implemented due to lack of consultation with stakeholders. Example is the Free SHS and its attendant Red, Yellow and Green wahala. Is that why we should give President Nana Akufo Addo four more years for?

Defending Corruption
What has President Nana Akufo Addo done about corruption? The best he does is come out and defend his appointees who are alleged to be corrupt. This practice has bolden these appointees to be corrupt with impunity. After all, they would be defended by the President. Why should we give him four more years for such acts?

Family and Friends Government
Our President and some of the selfish NPP members think Ghanaians are stupid. How can you look into our faces and tell us that you have only two (2) family members in your Government when you definitely know that is not the case? Our President is not truthful with us. Why should we give him four more years? Is it four more years for telling us more blatant lies?

Failed Promises
We hear Former President Kufuor mentioned during the just-ended conference for the NPP to trumpet their achievements. Your H.E., there is nothing to trumpet home about hence you are not hearing the sound of the trumpet you had wished to hear from your party members and from President Nana Akufo Addo. Nana Addo has failed Ghanaians big-time. The least side about Bawumia, the better.

Severe Hardship

I do not think Ghanaians would want to extend their hardship given the opportunity to shorten it come election day 2020.

I shall return.

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