Hooliganism One Too Many


Another act of hooliganism was enacted a few days ago when a gang of motorcyclists descended upon the Mamobi Polyclinic in Accra.

Motorcycle-owning youth in Accra are gradually metamorphosing into a gang of unruly bunch who are ready to breach the law and they sometimes get away with it.

Some of them can count on the possible intervention of politicians from the ruling party when they are arrested.

Coming on the heels of the Hohoe incident in which Zongo youth were accused of wreaking havoc on a section of the town, this latest incident offers yet another impetus for those fond of stereotyping residents of Zongo to draw outrageous and questionable conclusions.

The attack on the Mamobi Polyclinic left in its trail questions about what triggered the mayhem in which a doctor and security man were assaulted, answers to which can obviate a future recurrence.

We are in total agreement with the arrest and processing of suspects in the mayhem for court because for us, this is a potent way of asserting the authority of the state in maintaining law and order.

Violence cannot be the answer to whatever worries the youth in the area have, in their dealings with the polyclinic authorities.

There is another side to the coin of the mayhem under review, especially as observed by this paper.

Although there is no justification for the action, Daily Guide has since uncovered a frosty relationship between the youth of the area and the administration of the polyclinic.

We do not seek to, as pointed out in a preceding paragraph, justify the unruly conduct of the motorcyclists, but rather seek a lasting solution to the mistrust which appears to underpin the relationship between the polyclinic authorities and a section of residents of Mamobi and the adjoining areas.

For the information of the authorities, complaints abound about the uncouth attitude of some medical staff of the health facility by some residents of Mamobi.

The complaints range from indifference to a rampant show of disrespect to patients by hospital staff. It is our position that the authorities review their interpersonal relationship with patients in their catchment area who need their very important services.

There are recognized opinion leaders in Mamobi and the surrounding areas who we think can engage the authorities of the polyclinic with a view to ironing out existing differences and areas of disagreements so that peace and trust can be restored.

We have learnt that the authorities have a deal with the neighbourhood watchdog committee by which the volunteers are called in when the clinic is under attack.

This presupposes that what happened recently was not the first, although it dwarfed previous such attacks.

We wish to register our disappointment with the Police and the authorities at the hospital over their treatment of the media representatives who showed up to cover the incident.

We are not a bunch of irresponsible persons who do not understand our work.

Our photographer was virtually hounded out of the place when she turned up to take the necessary photographs.

So what was being hidden? Even the security man who was assaulted was not allowed to state his story.

This is appalling. Is our editorial and presentation of the story an act of irresponsibility? Come on folks!

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