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Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Monday urged the need to instill a proper management of dead corpse as a key component of disaster response in Ethiopia and beyond.

The ICRC, in a statement issued on Monday, also disclosed that efforts are underway in the provision of trainings to its staff members in the East African country and elsewhere to solve the growing need for an effective management of dead corpse during response efforts when disaster strikes.

“Proper management of the dead is a key component of disaster response together with recovery and care of survivors, and supply of basic services,” an ICRC statement issued on Monday read.

The ICRC recalled its staff’s and volunteers positive contribution as the first responders to unexpected disasters such as the recent Ethiopian airline’s crash which claimed the lives of 157 people in March this year

It also stressed the vital importance of safety measures both for the responders as well as the data collection efforts.

“Witnessing the overwhelmed local emergency response services following this tragic event, the ICRC and the Ethiopian Red Cross Society took the initiative to conduct training on the management of dead bodies in Ethiopia,” the statement read. Enditem



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