As far as rap talent goes in Ghana, Sarkodie is second to none and that is what most rappers are not aware of.

The rapper since his Kasahare days flows almost as if he was Born To Rap (B.T.R) and that is what most rappers are failing to understand and one of such rappers is our very own M.anifest.

M.anifest who is indubitably one of the best rappers in Ghana (not the best), has so much self belief with regard to his lyrical prowess to the detriment of his regard to colleague rappers.

This is no news because in Ghana, every rapper calls himself the best and this malady isnt different in the Dancehall world, every dancehall artiste is either a king or a queen or some weird royalty of some sort.

In a song released on December 15 2014, Coptic featured M.anifest on one of his hip hop bangers titled Keep Shinning, a song that contains a lot of controversial lyrics.

In the second verse of Keep Shining, the Jigga rapper stated in one of the lines, only two rappers in Ghana, M.anifest and the rest. A line which most rappers feel disrespected for. But as we all know, this is ShowBiz so things like this shouldnt be taken too personal.

Well, in regards to the lyrics of M.anifest, (only two rappers in Ghana, M.anifest and the rest), Sarkodie on January 14 2015 released a video dubbed Revenge Of The Spartans. A video with over 70,000 views in less than a week.

The lyrics of Sarkodie’s Revenge Of The Spartans sounds more like a reply to what M.anifest said – as in only two rappers in Ghana, M.anifest and the rest.

In that same context, Sarkodie used lines like, Make you no compare cos ni**a u wack, Im the governor in Rap, Ghanaians crown me the lyricist, From Accra to villages, Im the only one spitting the realest s*it, A lot of rappers doing sc… s*it. etc…..

Truth is, Sarkodie has been able to win Ghana, Africa and beyond with his rap virtuosity and it will take a lot for another rapper to claim his throne.

I am not settling to the fact that there are no better rappers in Ghana but I am saying, it sounds funny for someone like me to listen to certain rappers who call themselves the best in Ghana when they don’t even know what 1 bar means. For someone like Sarkodie, who has spent all his life rapping and moving from studio to studio and having to hear these people sound bossy on a beat, what else can he say than to Revenge these so called SPARTANS?


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