President John Evans Atta Mills
President John Evans Atta Mills

This brings me to an incident involving the Former Filipino President, Mrs. Aquino.  A story is told of when she heard of an attempted coup, she went and sought refuge under her bed. Remember a murderer was pulled from under the bed of the Deputy Brong Ahafo Regional Minister and the appointee still remained at post more than six months after the incident before he was given the boot. Is the President afraid of his appointees? Yes, he is! I challenge him to prove me wrong.

The Chairman of EOCO, in his desperate attempts to white wash the dirt that has engulfed the President and turn him into a peacock rather ended up portraying him as insincere, inconsistent, irresponsible, visionless, pliable, uncoordinated, criminally-minded and a weakling without any presidential trait.

Mistake Number Two: Was there any need for the Chairman to offer his personal opinion. He could have saved the Presidency a lot of questions by just presenting the report and leave the rest to the general public. The Chairman’s utterance has rather depicted him as a shallow-minded person who does not know his sauce. Is he the one to tell us that the President saved some money for the nation? If he did, he should tell us the amount that the President saved through his personal intervention.

The President is a liar:  The President has lied; EOCO has lied the Nefarious Destructive Cancer to has lied. In his Press soiree with Senior Editors, the President stated that Ministers do not need hi s approval to pay or spend money if they are captured in the budget. If this was so, why did he order Kwabena Dufuor not to pay the money which has been captured in the budget under judgement debt? Was his intervention not a direct contravention of the green card given to Ministers to pay such amounts? Readers can now see the chameleonic posture of the juju man Ghanaians have elected to take charge of their collective destiny.

Take it or leave it, the President is guilty: The Nefarious Destructive Cancer has made it a habit of associating Nana with negative things simple because some NPP members have been involved in some wrong doings. Eric Amoateng, a former MP was busted in the US for cocaine and all hell was let loose and the NPP is tagged the Narcotics Peddlers Party. Raymond Amankwaa, Akufo-Addo’s brother in law was busted for cocaine and Nana Addo becomes the target of attacks. Guilty by association, the NDC claims. DSP Gifty Mawunyega Tehoda visited Nana Ama Martins in Police custody, a suspect in the cocaine swap case, and she herself became the number one suspect. She was arrested and incarcerated for weeks. She has been charged for an offence she knows nothing of.

When Mills was going for his nomination forms, Alfred Agbesi Woyome accompanied him to the party headquarters and even paid for the live coverage of the event. During the NDC Parliamentary Primaries Woyome went and raised the hands of Nii Lante Vanderpuye, a Presidential Aide at the Castle as the winner of the Odododiodoo constituency. Again he was the one who raised the hands of Doe Adjaho as the unopposed candidate. Do not forget the fact that it was Alfred Woyome who was instructed by President Mills to transport unruly NDC supporters to South Africa for the World Cup fiesta where they molested and raped a Canadian lady. One can conclusively say without fear of contradiction that whatever trait Woyome has, similar traits are embedded in President Mills.

The mother of all lies:    When the NPP came out with the report that Woyome had been paid GHC92 million, the Squealer of Animal Farm and Deputy at the discredited Ministry of Misinformation, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa told the whole nation that Government had not paid more than GHC58million to Woyome as being alleged. He told the Chronicle that the Auditor General had written to the Government indicating that his office had made a mistake in stating that all the GHC58million was paid in 2010.

Listen to what this “small boy” and political novice, who before being rechristened Squealer in Mills Government, had never earned any salary before is telling matured and intelligent beings. What does he take us for? Mummified bodies or zombies for him to concoct such a bizarre story for our hearing? For all the time since the scandal broke out, we have been making reference to GHC58million, and nobody had disputed it. Woyome himself has said on countless occasions that he received such an amount. The Chief of Staff has also confirmed the figure. Why this sudden twist of facts? Why this capricious and gargantuan turn around? But one thing I know is sure. And that is the President will definitely have an encounter with his Creator.

President Mills – the greatest liar of a President alive today: We have been made to believe from the Holy Bible that Ananias was the greatest liar on earth. But have watched and listened to the demeanor of our juju President and his acolyte, Okudzeto Ablakwa, I strongly fee we owe Ananias a post-humous apology.

The mother of all mistakes:    An investigative body presents its report to no less a person but John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, the one and only ceremonial President in the whole of Africa. Once more, NPP members punch holes in the report with regards to dates of payment. A few days after, Squealer comes out to say there had been some errors in the report presented by EOCO. EOCO then comes out to tell intelligent Ghanaians that a typographical error had occurred- The devil’s advocate, one might say. According to the Crime Office, the date of the first payment ought to have been September, 2010, but was erroneously typed February. Was the typist dreaming or drunk when typing the report? Does Mr Mordey Akpadzi, EOCO’s Director want to take us back Odwontofohene, Nana P.S.K.Amapadu’s “So mu gye wakrantie, So mu gye wadowa” days?

I would like to take listeners back to the statement of EOCO Director when he was presenting the report to our Ceremonial and Juju President.  “But for the intervention of the President, things would have been worse. Whatever we have presented is fully backed by the documents we have in hand. We know that it is credible”. Credible indeed! And the report? Fully backed by documents! So says the myopic Director.  If it is so, why then did it make such a gargantuan mistake? If an investigative body of EOCO stature could make such a gargantuan mistake, we should all ask ourselves if we are indeed safe under this moribund and criminally infested administration under a juju President, who will not hesitate to sacrifice innocent Ghanaians to his voodoo gods in order to stay in power. This goes a long way to prove the fact that the NPP was after all right in not appearing such useless and bogus investigative body.

Has the President not willfully caused financial loss to the country tasking the useless body to dabble into an area where its competence is limited?

The Charges:  The President crimes and charges are many, but include L(i) Thwarting/impeding investigations on a massive scale (official cover-up); (ii) Presiding over gargantuan acts of corruption; (iii) Reckless dissipation of public funds/ resources; (iv) Lying on oath  ; (v) portraying himself as a weakling and ceremonial president in direct contravention of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana;  (vi) Misuse of power of incumbency to stifle public dissent through arrest, thereby causing fear and panic in the country; (vii) Incompetence and mal-administration; (viii) Engaging in occult practices, bringing in people of questionable backgrounds to make dangerous and dubious prophecies thereby bringing the name of God into opprobrium; (ix) Promoting tribalism by marginalizing others – Ref – Appointing a tribal bigot, Kofi Awoonor who has written a book in which he makes some despicable remarks about Ashantis as Chairman of Council of State; This same Tribal bigot, according to ex President Rawlings removed an Ashanti man appointed by the President and replacing him by somebody from his, Awoonor owns tribe;  willfully allowing an Ewe man handed over to the NDC by the NPP Government in connection with the death of Issah Mobilla to escape from lawful custody; The President’s own fear of “The Great Ashanti Project”.

The Verdict: The above are grievous crimes which must not be swept under the carpet. The President is guilty as charged on all counts. They are gargantuan crimes against God and the people of Ghana. Impeachment proceedings must be initiated in Parliament.

The case of the two Mills: The first, Frank Mills was a Night Watchman and a patriot. He saw evil marauders in the dead of the night and did what every patriotic person would do under such a circumstance. He reported the matter to the Police who affected their arrest.

The Second Mills, John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills is the very anti thesis of the First one. Mired deep in corruption himself, President Mills, even though is the President, he does not see any wisdom in taking action his appointees who commit gargantuan crimes against the country. He always gives official protection to them.

Passionate appeal: I am using this medium to make this passionate appeal to Patriotic Members of Parliament to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Mills. I appeal to both sides of the political divide to sheathe their partisanship toga and make the interest of the nation paramount in their deliberations. Let the NPP not say they will never get majority votes to do what the citizens of Ghana are yearning for.  In the United State, six Republican members of the House Committee joined their twenty one colleagues from the Democratic Party to pass the Articles of Impeachment. Who knows, perhaps we might have some patriotic elements in the NDC who are fed up with the antics of the President and might join their colleagues from the NPP and the Independent MPs to save this nation from drifting under rudderless Mills.

Conclusion: I would like to state that this gargantuan crime that has been committed against mother and humanity will never go unpunished. Nigerians have a saying that “no matter how okro grow reach, the owner go always bend em down to plug the fruit” .Those who have skeletons in their cupboards will have their day in court when Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo -Addo assumes the reigns of power, come January 6, 2013. Under him there will not be sacred cows in the country. Every body will be treated equally. There will be no witch-hunting of political opponents. The rule of law will be the Guiding Principle of His administration. But there will be no hiding place for those of criminal minds.

Akufo Addo leads and the rest of us follow.

Impeach President Mills! And the time to do it is Now!!! We cannot postpone to tomorrow what we can do for our children and country today.


Daniel Danquah Damptey ([email protected]) ([email protected]) 0243715297.


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