It is only a hypocrite who will say money is not good – Otabil

Mensah Otabil
Mensah Otabil

Any rich person who says “money is nothing” is a “hypocrite” and any poor person who sings the same song does not even know what he or she is talking about because “money is good”, Dr Mensa Otabil has said.

Mensah Otabil
Mensah Otabil

Pastor Otabil told his congregation On Sunday August 21 that: “When I hear rich people say: ‘What is money?’ money is nothing’, I say: ‘You have it and so you say it’s nothing, throw it away’. And when I hear poor people say: ‘What is money?’ I say: ‘Look at what you are saying. You don’t have it and yet you say: ‘What is it?’ How can you know what it is when you don’t even have it? Any rich person who says ‘money is not important’ is not truthful because if they were truly truthful, they’ll throw it all away. So the next time you meet a rich person who says: ‘What is money?’ say: ‘Give it to me’. … Money is good…Oh it is good! I’m telling you …Poverty is a devil because poverty can make you do things you don’t what to do.”

Pastor Otabil continued: “Don’t listen to any rich man who tells you, ‘Oh money is nothing’. Anytime a rich person says ‘money is nothing’ tell him: ‘Give yours to me’ because if it’s nothing ‘give it to me'”.

“… They are just saying it to make you feel good. They feel you are poor and they should make you feel comfortable. …It’s all hypocrisy. And don’t ever believe any poor person who says ‘money is nothing’ because he doesn’t even have it to judge whether it’s something good or not. …Money is something, I’m telling you… don’t listen to anybody who says it’s not good.”

Pastor Otabil also told his congregation not to shy away from the blessings of God. According to him, Christians must enjoy God’s blessing in its fullness rather than “apologise” for it just because people around them may not be as blessed as they are.

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