Kenpong construction employees at work

The lenses of CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE last Tuesday caught the workers of Kenpong Constructions Limited busy on the streets of Accra around 12.00 noon.

The striking attribute of these workers was their observance of safety standards. Every single one of them including the supervisor was meticulous with regard to maintaining safety standards, attracting the admiration of motorists. Safety boots were property strapped, and helmets, reflector jackets and gloves in place.

When CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE approached the workers, one of them who gave his name only as Seth, said, “Before we go out each day, as early as 6.00am, our safety coordinator holds a parade during which he takes us through safety codes and procedures.”

He disclosed that they take the daily routine seriously “because of our own safety and the fact that if we don’t observe the safety codes on the field and management of the company finds out, we may be sacked”.

CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE’s attempt to talk to the safety coordinator of Kenpong Constructions proved futile, as the phone number furnished by the workers was switched off.

Kenpong Constructions, the paper gathered, are Vodafone contractors who specialize in the laying of overhead and underground copper and fibre-optic cables.

By Yvonne Prempeh Sey



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