It’s time to put play aside now and face the fact.
Yeah, we know she’s been into music for some time now but truth is, when it comes to artistes who are worth the while,  Maheeda’s name can’t still be mentioned. 
When it comes to beauty, she try. And when comes to having a hot and sexy body even after a child, give it to her.
But jokes apart, having gone through her works like Oko Yanpia, Champion, I Can’t Wait, and now her new single, Naija Bad Girl- maybe she’s trying to copy Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad idea but she hasn’t got it like Riri.
It’s not like I’m supporting nudity. But if you rate it closely, aside Rihanna’s nudity, she is an excellent singer who works hard too, and people still love her music despite all the controversy.
But as for Maheeda, since she saw that being decent in her past videos didn’t pay off, she decided to go bad like Riri but one must admit that she hasn’t measured up to the standard of a good artistes, at least.
Her new video, Naija Bad Girl is the first after she started posting unclad photos online. So, it’s like she re-branded in hope that controversy will sell her. 
Okay, assuming she’s right that controversy sells because I can assure you that millions of people will watch the videos especially the unclad one, just to see what new thing she’s bringing to the table.
But, has she improved in her musical skills? Check out her new videos, Naija Bad Girl and let’s know what you think. Is it a good comeback for her and is she worth being referred to as an artistes or should she just go and park?


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