Maison Novague Is Creating A Fashion Legacy, One Dress At A Time

Maison Novague
Maison Novague

It is not often that you come across couture that gives off a decidedly well-traveled vibe. But, one glance at Maison Novague, and you know it has just that right whiff of cosmopolitanism and creativity that appeals to fashion-forward women.

It’s no wonder then that Maison Novague has grown so explosively in just under a year of its inception. Headquartered in Germany but garnering influences from countries as far and wide as Italy, the UK, and Turkey, the company, founded by Fariba Pourkhajani, has managed to create an international flutter for its unique style and approach to haute couture and accessories. Moreover, it places its bets on exceptional quality and craftsmanship – two things that are unlikely to ever let you down.

If social media is anything to go by, the number of followers raking up so quickly is a sure sign that Maison Novague is doing something right. “In a short time, our Instagram account scaled up impressively. Even our international audience has given our clothes positive reviews,” says a spokesperson at Maison Novague.

Shortly after the company was established, it held its first photoshoot in September 2021. For the photoshoot, it was able to rope in the Turkish-German actress and model Meryem Uzerli, who sported the company’s collection of striking blazers.

So, you know the company means business and won’t leave any stone unturned to deliver quality products. Chiefly, the clothes designed by Maison Novague are bold statements made using a single color, using quality materials that include satin-backed crepe, silk, silk crepe, and chiffon. The haute couture is made-to-order and custom-made on demand, but the street-style clothes are ready-to-wear. These can be ordered online, or through the company’s Instagram account. A brick-and-mortar store, however, is under the works for some time in the future.

Its range features the company’s new Winter Haute Couture collection that came out at the end of October 2022. The collection included high-quality silks and extravagant fashion items. Talking about this collection, the spokesperson says, “In our Haute Couture collection, we can design any dress for any woman’s size.” The beautiful German-Turkish actress & model Meryem Uzerli was photographed wearing stunning dresses by Maison Novague at the iconic Friedrichsfelde Palace in Berlin.

In effect, that’s also what Maison Novague wants to achieve with its high-fashion, quality dresses. As the spokesperson says, “We want to be known as a brand that designs dresses that women of any size can wear and feel confident and beautiful in.”

Moreover, the brand is also planning family collections and fashion that are perfect as a partner look. In addition, an extra collection for the men’s world is in prospect for the first time. The goal is to be able to convince men of Maison Novague in the long term.

In all areas, Maison Novague only uses the highest quality fabrics in order to be able to deliver the best possible quality to their customers. Maison Novague is new, different, but above all, special.

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