Former Prime Minister Mr Edward Lowassa

The Ethics Committee of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) will arbitrate three complaints including complaints filed by former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa versus Dira ya Mtanzania newspaper.

A statement issued on Sunday by MCT indicated that the committee under the chairmanship of retired Justice Thomas Mihayo will also hear complaints filed by Permanent Secretary in  the Ministry of  Industry and Trade Ms Joyce Mapunjo against Dira ya Mtanzania newspaper.The committee will also hear complaints filed by Ms Leila Sheikh versus Kiu newspaper.

Mr Lowassa complained to the Council that through its various editions published between October and November 2011, Dira ya Mtanzania carried a series of articles which defamed him.“Through a complaint filed by his lawyers, Mr Lowassa requests the council for a retraction and public apology by Dira ya Mtanzania in respect of the alleged defamatory articles,” says the statement.

Ms Mapunjo has complained to the Council that in July last year Dira ya Mtanzania newspaper published a series of false, malicious and defamatory articles against her and she is therefore asking the council to order the newspaper to publish apology in four of its publications.Ms Sheikh is complaining to the Council that on September 26 last year, the newspaper published an article that falsely connoted that she was advocating for same sex practice in Tanzania and thus was opposed to Islam.

She requests the Council to order the newspaper to restore her good name through retraction of the story and affirm her faith (Islam) so that she gets the confidence of her peers in the Muslim community.

Source Tanzania Daily News



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