Must We Sacrifice Our MPs?


Should it always come to this?

In 2012, our MP for Wulensi passed away and as constitution demands, there was to be a by-election. Political Parties trooped into Wulensi to campaign to win the seat. Well, that election never took place because of a court case but not before the beginning of some projects.


Street poles which hitherto were in horizontal positions somewhere experienced uprightness and were ready to gush out some rays of light. Ground carvings quite confused about their identities suddenly realized they were not only roads, but paved streets. What joy they felt.
In all these circumstances, the constituents were there. Before and after.Witnessing all that they could.

Then come 2015, our MP for Tallensi was given the opportunity to become a chief in his constituency and after weighing the importance of being a chief as against being a Representative in our legislature, decided it was better being a chief. After all, don’t some people believe chieftaincy is primordial? So as usual, a by-election was demanded and political parties went in to campaign. Just like Wulensi, they got some attention from the agents of development, the government in power. ”.

Currently we are in Amenfi West. The MP has passed away. So as law abiding citizens, we are going to have a by-election. Political Parties as usual are campaigning. Just like in Wulensi and Tallensi, Amenfi West constituents are having a field day. The constituency is being transformed and they are happy. But of course why shouldn’t they be?

While I can understand why opposition parties need to campaign, I am confused as to why the ruling party is always seen running and hopping around in such situations.

As a ruling party, the NDC have always had the opportunity and power to transform everywhere and anywhere. So how come NDC is not doing it? Is it deliberate systematic negligence and irresponsibility, nonchalance, and lack of resources? If it is about lack of resources, how come ingenuity to mobilise resources only rears its beautiful head when there is an election?

The constituents of Amenfi West should mull over this sudden enthusiasm of government to bring a semblance of development to them and ask…..” If our MP had not died, will we be getting these “developments”? They can also bet that the work being done there will not last because they are not being done to last; they are being done to deceive and enslave them.

I mean should our MPs die before we see some improvements in our constituencies? When an MP is alive we do not see developmental project being executed with a sense of urgency but as soon as of the MPs die and there is a by-election, then we see some projects being executed as façade to deceive the people to buy their votes.
I am worried! Scared! Confused!

I am being tempted to have another use of our Members of Parliament.Maybe we should sacrifice them to get a modicum of development in our areas. Maybe we should conduct mid-term elections so that every two years we have legislative elections that can bring some level of development albeit unsatisfactorily.

This trend is worrying. What good is an MP alive then? Which is better…alive or dead MP? What message is Government sending by these acts?
You should pray I am the only one wondering about this.

Source: Berlinda Bulley

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