Nii Ayibonte Calls for Peaceful Polls

…..As Dagombas at Achimota get new Chief


Nil Ayibonte Adams 11, the Achimota Mantse has called on Ghanaians to jealously guard and protect the peace that is currently being enjoyed, more so,, as the December polls draws closer .

He underscored the need for Ghanaians to appreciate their common origin as Ghanaians with only one country and destiny.

Thus, all must endeavor to ambassadors of peace during and after the elections and avoid any act that would disturb it.

The overlord of Achimota was speaking during the formal outdooring ceremony of the new Chief of the Dagomba Community of Achimota, Chief, Alhaj Sulemana Alhassan over the weekend. Since the death of the first Achimota Dagomba Community Chief Amadu Haruna, in the 80s, the position has all this while been vacant.

The colourful ceremony attracted numerous chiefs, Politicians, Islamic clerics/Opnion leaders from Northern Ghana and the zongo communities of the Greater Accra. The occasion was also fully utilized to showcase the very best of Dagbon’s traditional dancing and drumming that attracted the admiration of on-lookers.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman for the occasion, Alhaj Imoro Baba Isa, who doubles as the Chief of the Wangara Community, at Mamobi and PRO of the Council of Zongo Community Chiefs noted that Chieftaincy falls in consonance with the teachings of Islam. This he noted, was to the extent that, Allah requires that if any group of people no matter its size are to undertake any mission, they must first elect from among them one person to be their leader.

Chief Baba Isa, exhorted that a Chief must see himself as nothing more than a big servant who should passionately serve the community he leads rather than being obsessed with seeking to be served as that could be counterproductive.

Alhaj Mohammed Isa, Chief of the Asofa Zongo Community, in tandem with traditional Protocol stood in for the Chief of the Greater Accra Dagomba Community, Alhaj Abdul Qadir Tahir, to receive the new Chief from the Achimota Zongo Chief, who in turn presented him to the Achimota Mantse for his blessings. This traditional procedure marked the formal outdoorng of Chief, Alhaj Sulemana Alhassan as the second Chief of the Achimota Dagomba Community at long last.

Chief, Alhaj Mohammed Isa advised the new chief, to maintain humility at all times and should not at any point in time consider himself as being above the Achimota Zongo Chief in status. Dilating on the exhortation, he noted that the mandate of Zongo Chief covers a number of various non-Ga ethnic communities in Achimota including Dagombas.

But conversely; the Dagomba Community Chief’s mandate only covers his ethnic Dagomba community. Thus, the Zongo Chief of Achimota is higher in status than him. He therefore cautioned Chief, Alhaj Sulemana Alhassan to be wary of any act that could disturb inter-ethnic harmony and peaceful co-existence.

Both the NDC aspiring Member of Parliament for Okai Koi North, Abdul Razak Issah a and its sitting NPP Member of Parliament, Mrs. Elizabeth Sackey who all happened to have been present at the function, were offered the chance to say a few words.

Mrs.Sackey in her submission disclosed that she had known the newly outdoored Dagomba Chief for the past fifteen years. Being aware of his immense contribution to the welfare of his community as well as being a source of inspiration to her in person, she said, she was never surprised to hear that he had been made the Chief of the Dagomba Community in Achimota.On the need for peace during and after the December elections, she called on all Ghanaians to sincerely resolve to be true Agents of peace since that is what could be a sure guarantee for peace.

Abdul Razak Issah of the NDC on his part underscored the fact that the numerous transformational projects including the almost done Kwame Nkrumah Interchange project that had been executed by the John Dramani-led NDC administration was only made possible because of the existence of peace in the country. Thus, the need for peace cannot therefore be overemphasized.

The Chairman in his closing remarks gave prominence to the need for observance of humility in whatever position one finds he or himself adding that, if one wants to be exalted, one needs to first humble one’s self but those given to self-exhortation shall be brought down by God’s decree.

Known in public life as Alhaj Jaguar, Chief Alhaj Sulemana Alhassan is a prominent traditional healer and mystic. He is reputed for his extra-ordinary knowledge in ancient Dagbon’s art of healing and herbology.Countless people in Achimota and beyond got their health restored through his alternative medical exploits .He is also a former sports enthusiast.


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