In a party like the Convention People’s Party, which is just emerging from its political stupor, there are many ills to right, many problems to solve. As a result, the party has become vulnerable and easy prey for immature and unscrupulous politicians.

It is a fact that the CPP has become very easy for the WEAK in these conditions to discover grounds of dissatisfaction in which to plant and water the seeds of resentment and grievances against the STRONG. Yes! Such is the person who explicitly calls herself the rightful landlord of the party, just by the sheer fact that she has been deceived to buy into the perception that the party belong to her family.

Meanwhile, some of the supposed landlords who may be deemed fit to occupy the inheritance of their father, do not see any value in that property, except for one ravenous individual who is not interested in anything, apart from clamoring for every nook and crimp with her legs and feet; that property is the CPP. As if she is doing that with good intent, she is just doing that to satisfy her whims and caprices.

I am going to meticulously talk about UNITY, because that is exactly what many of us in the CPP have been deceived to buy into.

The first time I met the Chairperson and Leader of our crippling CPP, I became so soothed by the soft and cool voice of this wonderful lady who had clearly accentuated her passion to see all Nkrumaist factions unite for one political goal; that’s what I believed in. I became so much pinched by her romantic voice and nearly became emotionally uncontrollable. I got myself extremely seduced by her gestures, to the extent that I would do anything to ensure the accomplishment of this noble adventure. That adventure is UNITY, unity of the CPP, PNC, GCPP and all the ‘Koo mi ni nees’.

As we speak, whether the UNITY is going to happen today, tomorrow, next month or next year, it is still uncertain. But one thing I can boldly say without crumbling words is that, the so-called unity pact to be built between all the Nkrumaist Parties in Ghana is a fiasco and unachievable in the near future, may be, in the next Golden Jubilee. One may be wondering why a committed member like myself would be talking this way.

However, the question I pose is, who and what is the UNIFIER? And it is between which entities? Is it between the PNC and CPP, which has virtually become an illegal entity with less number of executives to man the activities of the party? This is where the problem lies.

From where I sit, one individual that we can calculably rely on as the unifier at this crucial time is the Idolized woman in CPP, Hon. Samia Yaba Nkrumah, who inadvertently is the true daughter of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. For those who may not know Dr. Kwame Nkrumah very well, he is the first president of this country and root of all the supposed Nkrumaist parties. He has now become a public asset and a father for all.

Now, let’s go into the intricacies of the possibilities of the likely merger between the Nkrumaist factions and ultimately, African unity.

Hon. Samia Yaba Nkrumah is one credible individual who often openly professes UNITY. But to be frank with you, she barely possesses any attribute of a person who can bring about unity within her family, party, Nkrumaist factions and ultimately, the whole of Africa. She appears too distant from the generally accepted acumen of a UNIFIER.

Are you surprised? Do not be, because there is a conventional axiom of truth which crystallizes the point that footprints of hidden attitude can never be traced, so do not judge people by their looks but by the content of their character. The trivia expressions may not necessarily be the true reflection of her makeup. That is exactly what I am going to expose here.

Today, as you read this piece from me, Hon. Samia is at war with her own siblings, especially, General Dr. Sekou Nkrumah. One may wonder why blooded siblings would be at each other’s throat, at the time when they should be forging ahead.

It is simply because Dr. Sekou Nkrumah believes that his sister, Hon. Samia Nkrumah is an immature politician who should take her time to learn to be able to have a good grasp of the political trend of this country. He also thinks his sister is being used as a puppet by some hidden hands to push their agenda, to the detriment of her father’s legacy. Dr. Sekou also believes that Hon. Samia is ‘Rushing’ too much to catch the wind. He holds the view that Samia is taking undue advantage of her father’s name to do things that do not reflect the true principles their father stood for. He has even said that the CPP’s brouhaha is due to Samia’s narcissistic Presidential ambition for 2016. It is this and other blatant truth spewed out by Sekou, that is why Samia refuses to talk to him. She has used unraveling tactics to drive Dr. Sekou out of their family house. She even refuses to pick his phone calls.

Samia’s hatred for Sekou is all because of the fact that she believes Sekou’s genuine views would be detrimental to her political career, for which she must protect with her life, even if it will cause that of others.

Again, in our party -CPP, Samia refuses to see eye-to-eye with true comrades whom she thinks will not kowtow to her machinations of naivety. She expects everybody to be at her feet. She even rubbishes any aspect of the party’s Constitution which does not play according to her tune. A clear example is the recent interdiction of some party National and Regional officers. What was the cause or what was it for? It is because of the fact these interdicted executives do not share in her wild dreams. They also came out publicly to make known the fact that Samia is using authoritarian moves to subvert the constitution of the party, just to serve her insular interest. These and other matters they could not solve internally because she refuses to give listening ear to people who hold different views to issues in the party. Is Samia truly an Egyptian goddess that everybody must bow at her feet even at the mere mention of her name?

Just recently, she travelled to Italy to go and launch the Italian version of ‘The African Must Unite’ book, authored by her father, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Whether that move was done with good intent or dire intent, it is still unclear the objective of that adventure. The content of the book depicts the very essence of UNITY. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s main aim was to enlighten and promote cordiality, unity and peacefulness amongst Africans from Communal, National to Continental level. It was also meant to expose Africans to the causes of their predicaments and why they continue to remain in their inertia development as a result of their crass petty differences and disunity.

However, one would be forced to question whether Hon. Samia really has full grasp of the content of that book or really comprehends what her father sought to attain by that publication? I have my doubts. There are two things I have derived from my observation of the subject. It is either she does not UNDERSTAND the actual philosophies of her father OR that she does not BELIEVE in what her father stood for.

Since the day Hon. Samia Yaba Nkrumah, was elected into office as the Chairman and Leader of our party, all she has been able to do is to terrorize people out of the party with her tyro despotic tactics.? She has also shown that she is not interested in numbers but the very few who tickle and say nice things to make her happy, even if they are unrealistic or untrue.? I was expecting that if she really wanted unity in Africa, then she would have translated that book into African Languages and sold it in African countries, yet because she was doing that for her financial greediness, she decided to translate ‘Africa Must unite’ into Italian Language and to sell them to Italians in Europe. Is it about Unification of Africa or Unification of Italy? I guess it would have served her interest most if she rather wrote a new book and called it ‘Italy Must Unite’

So what happens to the unity between the CPP and the PNC? Is it achievable under the stewardship of the Samia led CPP? If Unity does not start from within, how does it come from without?? I will discuss that thoroughly in my next article.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta!
The author of this article is an aspiring Parliamentary Candidate -Cape Coast. He is a lecturer at University of Botswana. Email: [email protected]

By: Ghanaian Chronicle.

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