North Korea Clearly Objects to THAAD

North Korea continued to condemn the United States on Tuesday, calling the country an "empire of evil" that was built over the "corpses of indigenous peoples."


Oh Young Ran, a North Korean official identified as the director of the American and Africa Research Institute, had said that as the United States expanded territorially, the country “made it a policy of slaughtering” Native Americans and that it was through these “military achievements” U.S. Presidents were able to hold power as “human rights criminals.”

THAADThe article was titled, “United States, who are you,” according to Pyongyang’s state news agency KCNA.

North Korea also stated “240 years of U.S. history is coming to an end,” and that the United States does not respect the bonds between peoples and races and that the country will soon be “shattered to pieces.”

“This is the ultimate destiny the United States must accept,” Oh wrote, adding North Korea by contrast is in the midst of a “long march flushed with victories.”

In a separate statement, North Korea maintained its nuclear weapons program is for national security purposes and that the United States continues to threaten its safety.

Pyongyang also said in the statement issued on Uriminzokkiri, a propaganda outlet targeting South Koreans, its nuclear weapons are not intended to divide the Korean people, and that its development is “benefiting the South Koreans.”

North Korea also condemned the South Korean decision to deploy THAAD, a U.S. anti-missile defense system on the peninsula.

Source: GNA/News Ghana

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